Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Adobe Premiere Elements 13

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Adobe Premiere Elements 13 ReviewAdobe ( has always had a market reputation for amongst the best video editing software brands.  Adobe Premiere Elements video editing tool allows you to make digital movies by using the most recent in-house features in the Adobe Premiere version. The newer version includes instant movies, storyboards, and edits with tool based guidance. The latest version also includes an enhanced video stabilization version.

Interface & Editing Tools

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Review Adobe premiere capitalizes on the existing interface that is widely popular and easy to use. The only change if the new Elements Live mode as the new option on the top pane. The easy to use Guided, Quick and Expert modes are also there. This new feature offers a lot of creative ways to edit videos and is a welcome change for sure. Organizer application – As always the organizer application has been the starting point for the Adobe Premiere Elements and is the one stop spot for importing, keyword tagging, rating and sharing any video file online. Project Assets Panel – The project assets panel is a helpful feature that allows users to see and access thumbnails of all audio, clips and video files. This feature closely resembles the ‘bin’ in a pro video editing tool where the user stores his reusable components. The ability to search effects and transitions gives Adobe Premiere Elements an edge over most of other video editing tools. Adobe Premiere Elements 13 ReviewVideo Editing mode – Adobe continues to stay in line with the competition and creates a low-resolution version of the user video for a quick preview. This is a good move coming to the light of the fact that any video editing tool needs substantial processing power to generate a full-fledged preview and most users do not like waiting for more than couple of seconds for a preview. Quick mode – If you need to make a quick video out of smaller pieces or just need to add a few touches before exporting the final version then the Quick mode is a boon for you. Adobe Premiere Element’s quick mode is by far the easiest to use, powerful and yet simplest video editing mode available across all market amateur video editing tools. Guided Mode – This mode takes you through a step-by-step walk-through that would help you perform both simple and complex video editing tasks quickly. This mode would allow you to add transitions, trim video clips, add background music while also focusing on complex tasks such as time-based remapping.

Ease of use

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 ReviewAdobe takes complete advantage of its early inception into the amateur video editing tool market and ensures that while Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the advanced tools it certainly is not the most complicated when it comes to user interface and overall experience. All the features are well labeled and strategically placed so that accessing and utilizing them becomes a breeze rather than a chore for you. Almost every section of the tool has a helpful wizard that ensures that you are not left scrambling for video, audio and effects assets.

Sharing Options

You have the option to capture and edit video that have been created/retouched using any other video editor due to the wide range of input file formats that Adobe Premiere Elements accepts. The Get Media feature allows media from Camera, Camcorder and Flip as well. When it comes to export options, the Publish + Share button does the trick by offering you to export your cinematic creations to computer files, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs as well. There is also an option to upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook while choosing the SD or HD quality. You have support for exporting a wide variety of files including AVI, WMV, AVCHD, MPEG, Flash and Quicktime.

Price Value

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 ReviewAdobe Premiere Elements has remained a market leader, and user favorite for a couple of years and still lives up to the hype. The clean and simple interface, Support for online galleries and mobile viewing (by utilizing the revel service) are a big plus. All these features coupled with the guided edits that help the user at every step makes it great value for money at just $99.99 for a full license.

Community & Training

There are multiple online communities (Adobe based and otherwise) that are a rich mine for all kinds of information about the Adobe Premiere Elements. Thousands of users ensure that you would never be without support while looking for a quick how to do or a complex what next query. The tool has an inbuilt help section that gives out links to multiple training videos among simple descriptive text as well.

Customer Support

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 ReviewAdobe has a huge support setup and has been in the customer service field for a long time due to Adobe Reader series.There is a dedicated customer service center that is available to answer your calls and resolve your queries.


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