AVS Video Editor 7.0

AVS Video Editor 7.0

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Editor Review


AVS Video Editor 7.0 ReviewGranted that AVS Video editor (www.avs4you.com) is not the most comprehensive amateur video editing software in the market, but that does not stop it from winning the loyal fans world over. This tool offers hundreds of transitions and special effects and focuses on capitalizing on the casual video editing needs of the younger generation.

Interface & Editing Tools

AVS Video Editor 7.0 Review As one of the best video editing software, AVS video editor has one of the simplest interfaces, and almost every possible feature can be exercised via a simple drag and drop user action. The ability to add the desired a number of video and audio tracks to one project is a welcome addition as well. The audio tracks can be altered for sound quality and bit rate, and the video clips can be stabilized. While this tool may not be equipped to serve the needs of professional filmmakers, it packs enough punch to thrill any causal user. Simple drag and drop functionality are all you need to learn in order to apply a desired transition or animation onto a video clip. The timeline corresponding to each effect and the video clip itself is also easily adjustable. The video stabilization system is not exactly state of the art as it uses the process of cutting the top and bottom section of a destabilized images and later smoothens out the remaining frame. Although AVS Video Editor 7.0 Reviewthe user has the option to choose the video clip section to remove for stabilization care needs to be taken to ensure that you do not snip more than necessary. The settings section for audio would enable you to adjust a myriad of options such as removing noise, changing pitch and treble as well. There is also an option to amend the overall audio volume level, as well as add fade in, and fade out effects at a desired spot in the video clip. The overall interface continues to be surprisingly simple in spite of the multiple features that have been added in this version. The ability to add an unlimited number of video or audio tracks is a big plus along with the improved overlay track that features a picture in picture now. There is also an excellent text based editing options and has a bunch of exciting opportunities such as banner to come across the screen or bubbles that have text in it. Overall the editing options and the interface are both very inviting for usage and allow a reasonable level of leverage for the amateur or professional user.

Ease of use

AVS Video Editor 7.0 ReviewAVS Video Editor does not contain any of the dazzle and the fancy interface that more established tools offer and this makes it all the easier to use. We do miss the easy to use wizards that are readily available in many other professional grade video editors, but then the easy to use features along with the drag and drop feature make usage of the AVAS Video editor a joy.

Sharing Options

AVS continues to deliver on its promise of ‘simple and straightforward’ in this category as well. User can export a finalized video file in any file format, burn it to disc or share it online across all popular portals. A dedicated wizard makes sharing an easy activity, and there are plenty of options to show off your new video creation.

Price Value

AVS Video Editor 7.0 ReviewAVS Video Editor capitalizes on the fact that a lot of advanced video editing software are overpriced when one does an analysis of the features offered vs. the features utilized by the average Joe. This tool provides a lot of vanilla features and a bunch of new ones as well for a high-value package at just $39.99 for the licensing. Most users have reported the extracting way more value for money from AVS Video editor when compared to Adobe or Corel tools.

Community & Training

AVS video editor communities are purely user-driven and considering its low cost in conjunction with the long list of features there are way more fans of this tool then you would expect. There are hundreds of thriving online communities where passionate users would be happy to answer all your queries. The AVS video editor also offers a bunch of walk-through videos and a dedicated help section to make your experience with this tool further enriching.

Customer Support

AVS Video Editor 7.0 ReviewAS one of the top video editing software, AVS Video Editor has a dedicated customer service center that realizes the value of loyal customers. The response time is excellent, and all the customer service professionals make every effort to woo the customers to refer more individuals among friends and family to use this tool.


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