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BareMinerals Original Foundation

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Foundation is used to bring a nice even toned texture and glow on the face. This is the basic thing about which we all are well aware. But apart from making you look good foundation does other works as well. It works as a shield on the skin to protect it from pollution and sun damage. If you are living in an urban area then it is obvious that you have to face so many pollutants everyday some of which are not seen at all. This is the most dangerous thing for skin. Cream, lotion, toner etc are applied on skin to make the skin soft and smooth but unfortunately those products are not able to protect skin from pollution. But when foundation is applied on the skin it builds a barrier on the upper surface thus saves the skin. It is important to remove the foundation every day before going to bed.


Foundation is of many types such as liquid foundation, powder foundation, cream foundation, minerals foundation etc. All are used for different purposes. Minerals foundation is very helpful for skin and it could be applied to sensitive skin also. Minerals foundation is free of additives and contains fewer ingredients so does not cause any irritation or uneasiness on the skin. Also this foundation is non comedogenic and have less oil so it does not clog the pores which can causes blackheads and breakouts on the skin. BareMinerals Original Foundation is an excellent mineral foundation that is made with several useful minerals. This foundation is suitable to all skin types. All the details of this product are discussed here.


BareMinerals Original Foundation is packed in a white color round shaped jar that is made of glass. And the cap is of pure black colors. The jar is transparent so you can see the foundation without opening the cap. The cap is made of plastic on top of which the product name is written in black colors. The packaging looks good enough with the black and white combination.



This foundation comes in powder form but when you will apply it on the face it will give a cream like feeling. The mineral powder blends on the face smoothly and gives a natural look. You can apply it with a brush or sponge anything whatever is convenient for you. Take only small amount of this powder and apply it all over the face. First buff the brush on the face and then buff it again on the more oily areas of face like forehead, nose, chick and chin. Depending on the coverage you want you can use this foundation for light, medium and heavy coverage.


BareMinerals Original foundation has an attractive smell and most of the women will definitely love it. The smell is not very strong rather it is mild and gives a feeling of freshness. This smell does not cause any irritation or any other unnatural thing on the skin. The smell is felt more when applied and later with time it goes away.



Minerals make up is best of all and so it is. This foundation is made with 4 to 5 minerals that provide an excellent coverage on the skin. It is made for all skin types and people with sensitive skin also can use this foundation without worrying at all. This clinically proved foundation is able to improve the appearance of skin with time. BareMinerals Original foundation provides complete coverage. As it is free of any kinds of preservatives, artificial fragrance, colors and other chemicals so does not cause any breakout and blemishes on skin. This foundation contains SPF 15 so it works as a sunscreen also. You do not have to apply any other sun protective cream with this foundation. Skin looks very soft, smooth and younger when this foundation is applied on face. 


You will not find more ingredients in any good mineral foundation. This foundation is also made with only 5 minerals. The ingredients are zinc oxide, Titanium oxide, Iron oxide, mica and bismuth oxychloride. There are no harmful chemicals presented in this foundation. Also it is free of paraben, sulfates and phthalates. So if you are very conscious for your skin then this is the best foundation to go for.


Price of this foundation is not very high. You will get it at around $28.99 for a box of 8 gm. The price is very reasonable as it is a mineral foundation. One jar is enough for few months so once you buy it do not have to think for another one for next couple of months.


If you are very concerned for your skin or else you are having sensitive skin then buy this product once and feel the change. It will be a nice experience and your skin will remain protected by this foundation. 


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