Best Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are either worn on the wrist or else are attached to the shoe. They are an improvement over the erstwhile pedometers which have been around for some years now.  These fitness trackers are exceedingly popular among not only fitness buffs but also people who are fashionistas. Let this top 10 to help you understand the Fitness Tracker.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker?

What is the fitness Tracker?

Fitness tracker is a new technology. These trackers not only help in tracking the activity of the wearer but also record the heart rates, breathing, and the sleep patterns as well. These inform the wearer of how many steps are taken by them, how many calories have been consumed by them and a lot more. These fitness trackers even sync the data to a laptop or a smartphone. With the help of this one can compare the levels of exercise done daily.

Advantages of using Fitness Trackers

However, despite the cons, there are various advantages. Just wearing of these trackers remind people to exercise more. It pushes the wearer to at least clock 10,000 steps a day. There are other external motivations which can be added to some of the trackers or friends online can be challenged to competitions.

These trackers are especially useful to give an individual that extra push, which is needed for them to exercise. When one shares their details on social media or when one challenges friends, it is even more of an incentive for them to get out of bed especially early in the mornings or when they don’t feel like it or even when the weather is too cold, and they want to curl up in bed and sleep.

When one visually sees the progress they have or are making each day, it goes a long way in helping the individual to push themselves even further. The presence of data motivates to achieve even greater heights.

Due to trackers which allow one to enter their calorie intake as well as a log to maintain the amount of liquids they consume, their food choices get better, and that helps them to lose weight even more as it is coupled with exercising.

Weight loss is easier as there are goals one can set and one is egged on to decrease the levels of inactivity during the day, it helps the person get fit and active in a very short span of time.

Most of the trackers which are available offer workouts as well as tips to help one reach their goal and it also set goals which are more realistic for the user.

If the user is self-conscious about going to the gym or exercising in front of other people, a fitness tracker works like a crutch, which they can use to ensure that the user is getting the exercise he or she needs to get without being self-conscious. It allows them to focus on the fitness tracker rather than on the onlookers, or other people around who they feel are looking at them and inwardly judging them.

As models of fitness trackers are expensive most people will tend to use it as they have invested a lot of money in it. Therefore it is but right that they should get their money’s worth from it. 

It helps the person notice and keeps track of their weight on a regular basis. Else, the user may not look at the scale for months together if not years and realize too late that they have put on massive amounts of weight.

Finally, the quality and quantity of sleep go a long way in affecting the person’s metabolism. In fact good cravings, the energy the person has throughout the day, the mood of the person, their anger levels and temper including the safety is dependent on both the quality as well as the quantity of sleep they get.

These trackers inform the user not only the duration of sleep, the kind of sleep (deep or light) during the night, how many times they woke up during the night. Once all this is known, the person can change their sleep habits, and thus, their lives will be better and more fulfilling.

How to choose Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers as can be seen above have everything, which is recorded – from the heart rate, temperature, GPS, accelerometer, calories burnt,  which periods the user has been sedentary and more. When this is teamed with the input of food, one is sure to lose weight and be fit.

However, fitness trackers may not be very accurate when it comes to calories burnt as it bases the calories burnt on the height, weight, and age. But the basal metabolic rate of the person or a number of calories one burns differs when one is fasting as well as when one is inactive or even when one is walking around the house or exercising. This also changes based on the hormones, genes, fitness rates, heart rate and chemicals.

Different trackers measure the steps as well as distances differently. There are some who measure even the elliptical whereas others don’t. The same goes for the stairs. These trackers also do not monitor the cycling activities.

Some kinds of Fitness Trackers

Some fitness trackers which are there in the market are the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Plum, Large.  This helps in monitoring the heart rate, tracking workouts, recording the distance travelled, the calories burned, the number of floors that were climbed, the active minutes as well as the steps taken. It also helps in monitoring the sleep.

The fitness tracker also helps in notifications of calls, the daily stats as well as it tells the time on the display. One can synchronize this with their computer or with over 150 smartphones. It can also be sized based on the wrist of the user.

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band –Purple is another great fitness tracker. It comes in different colors and motivates the user to be active. This comes with a moving bar which displays in red if there is an hour of inactivity.

There are additional segments that light up every 15 minutes incase there the period of inactivity is continued. If one walks for a couple of minutes, this gets reset back. One can use it 24/7, and it is water-resistant.

It also has a battery life of more than a year and the display is easy to read as well. As it shows the time, one need not wear an additional watch. It learns the activity level of the user and accordingly assigns a personalized goal. It records the calories burnt by the user as well as the metabolic rate. One can even able to monitor the sleep mode, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

The Samsung Gear Fit Small Watch, Black also can be used 24/7 and is resistant to dust as well as water. It has a heart rate sensor too, and one can get real-time coaching as well. It allows the user to reject calls with messages, get notified about emails, SMSes, incoming calls as well as to reply to messages received. It also is used to control alarms and even allows apps by 3rd parties. This device is compatible with almost all of the Samsung Galaxy series.


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