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Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

By: Blue Lizard
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The Australian company Blue Lizard has thoughtfully created a suitable and popular sunscreen cream for beach-goers. In Australia, skin cancers due to exposure to harmful UV rays are quite common and various companies, such as Blue Lizard has been researching on clinically-approved, chemical-free sunscreen. The Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is popular enough to make its way to the US. Now, it is produced and sold in the US under the guidance of FDA and dermatologists. The cute looking bottle comes with a little cost. Check some useful tips on the cream to decide if it’s just the one you need. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Review


Generally, buyers can get an 8.75 oz bottle or a 5 oz container of this sunscreen. A typical 8.75 oz bottle measures (6 x 5 x 4) inches. The unique property of this bottle is that it turns blue no sooner the bottle is exposed to harmful rays of the Sun. Patented as Smart-Bottle from Blue Lizard; the color of the bottle seems to change to a blue hue just like color-changing brilliance of a chameleon (that is why perhaps, the product has been christened as “Blue Lizard”). You need to open the lid and carefully pour some amount on the palm before smearing it on the skin. The airtight container is opaque. The special white plastic body is easy to carry. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Review


The sunscreen is basically a thick, white cream which is fluffy in nature. It easily spreads on the skin. So, a small amount is only required to massage the exposed skin. There can be a small whitish trace on the skin after use. The cream does not stain on the clothing. The texture of the cream is smooth and once applied, it has a calming effect on the skin. The skin is not oily or dry. The chalky cream is long lasting and does not easily go off. So, it is ideal for families who wish to spend an entire day at the beach. The sunscreen must be applied at least 20 minutes before going out into the Sun. It can be used by sports people, swimmers, or regular beach-goers. The cream is also harmless for kids. However, parents should check with the pediatrician before using the solution to babies below six months or so. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Review


There is no smell in this sunscreen. Unlike other sunscreens which either have a typical sunblock wrench or a whiff of herbal scent, the Blue Lizard sunscreen is without an iota of smell. It is just right for those who don’t like to put on a smelly cream. The manufacturer claims that the sunscreen does not have any paraben or chemicals. It has a good amount of skin-friendly zinc oxide. So, users who are too picky about a whiff in sunscreens can perhaps get a little medicinal aroma. But this is negligible and goes away quickly.


The sunscreen from Blue Lizard is purely for protecting skin from harmful sunburns and UV rays. It is quite mild and has no reaction to the skin as it is especially made for skin cancer survivals and tender or sensitive skin. The cream is photo-stable – which means it blocks UV rays with radiations between 250-400 nanometers. The mineral-based cream has a certified Z-Cote mark – which signifies that the amount of zinc oxide is just right to protect the skin from UV rays. It is certified by dermatologists. Additionally, the cream is able to block UV rays for a broader spectrum of SPF30 – a perfect option required for an efficient sunscreen. The sunscreen is also water-resistant (the company claims that it protects the body for 240 minutes or so). However, users may feel that the sunscreen becomes messy when the skin has been in touch with water for quite some time. In other words, the skin must be dry completely (not even moist) to smear the cream. At a cost-effective rate, you can get a useful sunscreen that is long lasting and appeasing. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Review


As mentioned, the chemical and paraben free sunscreen has proper proportion of zinc oxide. It also has octinoxate, octocrylene, oxybenzone, and series of hydrocarbons. There are also traces of tocopheryl acetate that provides vitamin E, beewax, peg-7 castor oil, sorbitan oleate, and stearic acid. In short, it is a mineral-based sunscreen.


An 8.75 oz bottle costs around $27 while a 5 oz bottle costs $22 – quite cost effective as the cream is spreadable and does not require too much of it at a time. You can consider it for your family as it is a safe and non-reactive sunscreen as well.


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Effectiveness : 5.0 Ingredient : 5.0
Packaging : 5.0 Price Value : 5.0
Smell : 5.0 Texture : 5.0
All I have to add to early comments are a few words on water resistance. The standard Blue Lizard formula advertises it is water resistant for 240 minutes. This stuff is not, even though I see the same claim made for it on some web sites. Chemical sunscreens, which are in the standard Blue Lizard, are absorbed into the skin, which makes them more water resistant. The ingredients in Baby, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, sit on top of the skin and are more easily washed off. I sent a note to the Blue Lizard people who confirmed this. So be careful about reapplying this more frequently if you or your kids get wet. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way with our 8-year-old.
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