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box review Launched in 2005, is amongst the best online cloud storage provider that highly ideal for professionals and small businesses. has over 27 million business users worldwide and has currently 240,000 companies. In fact, The company is used by more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies. offers both business and personal plans have really made its name in the cloud business world.

Box review on Security

Key contenders who would love to use Box cloud service are those from the manufacturing, design, media, and entertainment industry. Like all cloud service providers, security of the files is the major concern. Box does this brilliantly through creation of reports. Privacy is the main concern for Box as it intends to keep information confidential and away from the prying eyes. The data stored through Box in cloud drives are safe and secured as the system is complaint with HIPAA standards. The system is physically, administratively, and technically secured as per rules of HIPAA. The storage framework is as per directives laid down by EU and Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks for clients from European member countries. There is also a detailed logging and audit procedures which ensure complete transparency of the usability features. There are 50 events which are encrypted and monitored to ensure that there is no data leakage. The SIEM and BI tools are used to check any misdoings during data transfer. The timestamps are provided for all actions through Box Admin Console and dedicated API. The login process uses two-step authentication and one-step sign-on integration procedures. There are seven levels of permission to make the system more user-friendly and secured. Data is transferred through high-grade SSL or TLS and multi-layered 256-bit AES codes. Alerts are provided in case of abnormal use of the account. Multiple data centers are used to ensure data is stored carefully. The system is guarded round-the-clock.

Share & Access and File Control

box-3 Cloud computing is one of the new concepts that have emerged in recent times where files are transferred and shared over the Internet – seamlessly. The files are secured and stored safely – forever. While there are many cloud service providers, Box seems to have made a comeback after spates of unpopularity and loss through its acquisition of Y-Combinator-backed Streem. Now, users will be able to integrate a cloud drive into the user’s computing gizmo and allow this ‘local’ drive to become an unlimited storage device. While other storage service providers allow users to upload or download files to the Cloud account, Box does just the opposite now. It will allow the copy of the files to be stored in cloud and ‘stream’ or connect it to the other users. So, file can be accessed through streaming where cloud account will act as another local drive that is attached to the computer – such as laptop, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, or tablets. In case the user has a low net connectivity, Box will use video transcoder to adjust the video quality and allow the user to check out videos easily – without depending on their file format. Generally used to share or view videos, Box has become a sought-after service provider for large corporate.


There are four major plans offered by Box to its customers for personal as well as business use. These are as follows:

  • Personal Plan for free – A single user can get 10GB free space that can manage 250MB file uploading size.
  • Starter Plan for $5 per month – Three to ten users can get 100GB space that can be shared. It allows 2GB file uploading size.
  • Business Plan for $15 per month – Five users can use unlimited storage space for collaborating content and management. It allows 5GB file uploading size.
  • Enterprise Plan for $35 per month – The plan is customized to enable scalable content management. Storage option is unlimited and the file uploading size is up to 5MB. Number of users can be unlimited.

There are ‘elite’ options, such as premium support and Box Content API. The Enterprise Plan owners are advised on how to roll out the plan and integrate it with the requirements of the company.

Customer Support

There is a detailed customer support service offered at Box’s official website. Users need to log in to the Support web page to get started or trained on the entire process. Even as new technologies emerge, users are directed immediately to access new features in the cloud computing service.


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