Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

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While most of us have a series of skincare and hair care products to use in the bathroom starting from scrubber, face wash, good cleanser, shampoo, conditioner etc. very few have the another most important skincare product body scrubber in their ledge. But, you should not overlook the importance of this body scrub as it is highly required to maintain a healthy and smooth skin. Body scrubber exfoliates the outer layer to reveal the supple and younger looking skin, while at the same time it provides moisturizer and hydration to keep your body hydrated all through the day. When body scrubber is applied on skin in circular motion, it increases the blood circulation and drains the lymph nodes.


A body scrub is mainly formulated with ingredients like sugar, salt, coffee, nut or oats that can gently rough for skin to remove all the dead skin. Another advantage of using body scrub is it enhances the effectiveness of post wash moisturizer also. Now, when it comes to choosing the right product for your skin, ensure to pick up the best one to pamper your skin. Clarins Exfoliating body scrub for smooth skin is one such powerful body scrub that works like a miracle. Yes, just get it from online store and start using to see the magic. All the details about this product are explained here for your better understanding about this body scrub.


This is the most important factor to be considered while you plan to buy something. But, fortunately, the price of this body scrub is not high enough that can be affordable by many. A tube of 200ml is available at $24.50 that can be easily managed by you. The price is relatively low when compared with similar high end products. However, the price may sound bit high to many of us, for them: buy the product once and you will feel it is really worth buying.


The packaging is not so eye-catching; it looks very much like a medicated cream tube. The tube is complete white and made of high quality plastic, so don’t worry, in case it slips of your hands accidentally, it will stay intact. The brand name and other details are written on the tube in red color. Overall the packaging is very clean, simple but good looking. The cap is made of hard plastic and you can take out cream either by completely removing the cap or else just flip the upper part of the cap to take out cream.


This body scrub is very thick that looks like moisturizer. So, you need to massage on the skin thoroughly. It contains some granules that do the job of exfoliator, however, it is not highly abrasive rather gently cleans the skin with small granules to leave your skin soft, supple and radiant. Thick texture indicates that small amount is enough for one wash and this is why one tube will go for long days as 1-2 times use in a week is enough to maintain a healthy skin.



If you are allergic to strong smell, do not worry at all, as this body scrub is not scented strong enough. While many have stated that this cream does not have any smell at all, some users said that the smell is very light, non-offending and impressive. Also, the smell does not stay for long time and it goes off with washing. So, this body scrub is suitable for skin types such as oily, dry and sensitive skin.


The effectiveness of this product is numerous. It shades off dead cell, removes impurities from the outer layer of skin, refines skin texture and builds skin’s natural flexibility. Cellular regeneration is also achieved through the use of this product. Along with this deep cleaning of this skin, the product also facilitates product absorption so the cream you use after bath penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates products performance and your skin is left firmed, smooth and so soft that you will love to touch your skin very often. So, overall the effectiveness of Clarins body scrub for smooth skin is really impressive.



This product is formulated with all natural ingredients to pamper the skin perfectly. The main ingredients used in this cream are: Bamboo powder, Moringa extract, mimosa tenuiflora, cyamopsis and shea. Bamboo powder mainly performs the exfoliation action while moringa extract purifies and removes the accumulated toxins, mimosa tenuiflora repairs the skin and shea butter provides protection on the skin surface.


Applying is very easy, take small amount in your hand and apply it on the dry or else on damp skin. Massage in circular motion for a minute, the rough area such as elbow, knee, things etc, should be massaged for more time and rinse off with water. Next, apply moisturizer to discover a more radiant skin. 


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