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Cloudme ReviewLaunched in 2011, CloudMe ( is one of the best online cloud storage providers in Sweden that offers free services to store all your files in the cloud securely. The company is getting popular since its located in the European union and protected by EU laws. CloudMe users will be able to open an account and upload a large amount of data for free and through a Blue Folder that appears on all devices where CloudMe is used.


Cloudme ensures that data which is transferred, shared or stored through its services are encrypted through stringent codes. The security protocol follows the rules laid down by European Union, especially as per the rules of EU data protection laws. The files which are shared are encrypted through AES encryption codes and password protocols. This will mean that data is changed to encrypted codes which can be deciphered only through a suitable password. This password is provided as per the wish of the user – depending on whom the data needs to be shared. Recently, Cloudme has partnered with WinZip to ensure that users can seamlessly zip files and upload them safely in Cloud without anyone knowing the content. Wipzip tool is integrates with the security mechanism of which ensures that files are encrypted when zipped or unzipped. Cloudme monitors the content that has been uploaded or shared by the users to ensure the process is done keeping with the legal parameters. It stores cookies on the host computer to check malpractices. It ensures that data is encrypted and information is not leaked to outsiders in anyway.

Share & Access and File Control

Cloudme ReviewThe open service to store, share, or retrieve data conducted by CloudMe is done through the Blue Folder. The Cloud service provider quickly integrates as a network drive with any operation system of the host computer and allows sharing and syncing of data. Users can also download mobile apps to integrate Cloudme services with iPhones, Android-based smartphones, tablets, or Macintosh computers. Cloudme is ideally used to take data as backup – especially photos, videos, and music files. One does not have to save music or heavy video files in the phone but seamlessly attach it to the Cloud. When connected, the songs or videos can be accessed as if they were stored in the phone. The CloudMe WebShare allows users to link videos or files in Cloudme via email, SMS, or Instant Messaging. Direct sharing is possible to social media sites, such as Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. This is the best way to share photo albums, videos, and more. The utility allows the user to access the folder as if it were his or her file system. The services can be accessed by downloading the tool to the any operating system, such as Windows OS, Linux, Mac, or Mobile-based OS. Uploading is automatic, which ensures that backup is also done without the knowledge of the user. Streams of music or videos can be checked out easily through the Cloud computing service.


There are five major plans offered by The cost depends on the amount of storage space that the user intends to own. The price classification according to the plan is as follows:

  • 3GB storage option for free with 150MB maximum uploading option per file.
  • 25GB storage option for 3.90 Euro with 2GB maximum uploading option per file.
  • 100GB storage option for 9.90 Euro with 2GB maximum uploading option per file.
  • 200GB storage option for 15.90 Euro with 2GB maximum uploading option per file.
  • 500GB storage option for 39.90 Euro with 2GB maximum uploading option per file.

All the plans can sync files, possess network drive (WebDav), and share streams of music and photo albums.

Customer Support

New customers need to sign-up and log in to their account to get a detailed help and support facility from the company. There is a fairly detailed help section where the potential buyers can check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the usability features of the service. There is an active forum where users seek answers to their queries and gain knowledge.


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