Corel VideoStudio Pro X7

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7

By: Corel
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Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 ReviewCorel ( VideoStudio Pro X7 is one of the hottest and best video editing software thats currently on the market. The software has dominanted the marketplace for several years and is fuelled by years of efforts and a brand name that is synonymous with high quality and efficient video editing software. Despite the well-established architectural design protocols at Corel, a glance at the VideoStudio X7 will give you glimpses of a young innovator at work. VideoStudio has also the market pioneer in introducing stop motion, motion tracking and video creation (HTML5 based) in a consumer video editing software.

Interface & Editing Tools

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 ReviewCorel plays it safe in this department by sticking to the familiar yet highly effective three-pane view. The upper half of the navigation window is occupied by the effects, content, and video previewing features while the widely popular timeline features occupies the bottom half. Like most commercial video editing softwares, you can resize, move and even separate out these panels into discrete windows. VideoStudio X7 adopts a model interface approach where three primary modes (Edit, Capture, and Share) govern all your actions. Most users love this interface because it doubles up as a guide to the process of editing, adding, and exporting a digital movie. Prominent buttons providing access to this mode were traditionally placed at the top of the screen to enhance visibility. But, X7 adopts a different approach by placing them at the center of the screen. A wide variety of options are entailed within the basic video editing software interface itself, ranging from drag and drop feature from PC to the timeline, clips in source tray opening up in a customized window to start and end markers on the video timeline. The Multi-Trim version of the primary interface exposes the user to a plethora of other options including the option to choose multiple in and out points within a video clip. This option allows you to remove an unwanted portion in the middle of the clip without needing to create multiple clips. It also offers a brand feature that enables the user to detect automatically and trim advertisements in a TV clip transforming it into the best video editing software available in the market.

Ease of use

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 ReviewCorel continues to deliver on its promise of creating powerful video editing software tools that are easy to use and can be utilized by the casual user as well as a professional. The entire interface is well laid to ensure that you do not get lost in the multiple features and control settings that make this tool so powerful. Adding overlays, and other layers on top of images and videos is a very intuitive process. All of the seventy special effects are also readily available through a centralized graphic pane. The timeline section provides an easy method to manage the entire video flow and adds to the ease of use quotient as well.

Sharing Options

It is an area where Corel VideoStudio X7 makes the biggest leap over its other video editing software predecessors. By introducing a new interface that allows you to switch quickly between the web, device, disk, computer and 3D output options. Another option is available that lets users save a movie with custom settings or just the regular options. VideoStudio also enables you to hook directly up to Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr or YouTube and directly upload the created video using a smooth interface and neat progress bar. The ability to create custom output profiles is a big plus as well and allows you to zip through to your favorite output formats while taking care of the video and audio bitrates based on your predefined settings.

Price Value

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 ReviewWith the new VideoStudio X7, Corel has once again established its absolute supremacy in the video editing software space. This software clearly trumps any other consumer video editing software being sold in the technology marketplace and excellent value for money at $79.99. Another niche is its support for 64-bit processors, allowing you to beef up its performance while utilizing the full specs of your Mac or Windows based system.

Community & Training

Since VideoStudio is among the best video editing software available in today's competitive marketplace, there are thousands of committed subscribers of the same. This has resulted in multiple forums, including a few funded by Corel itself that are dedicated to helping form symbiotic bonds between this video editing software user. Moreover, most of these forums also contain training tips or newcomers. More comprehensive training sessions can be obtained from experienced professionals who have been utilizing VideoStuido for a long time. A few online training institutes such as also provide excellent material to get started.

Customer Support

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 ReviewCorel has been known for its commitment towards customers via dedicated support centers and corresponding customer helplines. This commitment continues with the launch of VideoStudio X7 as ample support staff (technical and operational) is available to resolve any of your problems with this video editing software.


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