Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra

Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra

By: CyberLink
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Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra ReviewTime and again Cyberlink ( have established its superiority in the video editing software market and while it has plenty of competition from other product-oriented giants it has still managed to outpace most of them. For nearly five years, Cyberlink PowerDirector has featured as the top pick for amateur video editing software. The interesting thing is that Cyberlink refuses to rest on its laurels and continues to improve the quality and feature list of Power Director.

Interface & Editing Tools

Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra ReviewIt is highly recommended to take the easy editor route when the software prompts you for the same at startup. The inbuilt wizard is phenomenal at what it does and before you realize it would take you through a comprehensive yet easy to navigate option page that allows you to choose various options that would ensure that this software meets your imperatives. These options range from adjusting, importing, theming to previewing and outputting fully furnished video project or use the attractive ‘Magic movie’ format that has been a favorite of Power Director fans. The available editing options in Cyberlink Power Director continue to impress with the wide variety of choices that are exposed as you move from the basic to the more advanced editing modes. Basic Editing mode – This mode is best suited for making minor adjustments to colors, adjusting brightness or stabilizing the video output. In its latest version PowerDirector gives you the option to fix the rotational camera shake that is a nice feature and highly usable as well. If you are not satisfied yet, there is an enhanced stabilization mode that is slightly heavier on your PC processing power but delivers stunning results. The inbuilt trim tool gives you granular control even at frame level and the Multi-trim features the ability to mark several in and out points that enable you to cut down on the chaff and noise completely. Full Editing mode – This mode features the well known three panel layout and brings all guns to the console. The video timeline mode remains one of the best in the market and gives you complete control over the video. Other known and new features include the ability to insert effects, video and audio tracks, ability to zoom in and out of the timeline, a well-designed storyboard that leaves little to be desired.

Ease of use

Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra ReviewCyberlink capitalizes in this department by continuing to focus on the user experience quotient. The full editing mode offers the user a plethora of options while still keeping the navigation relatively straightforward by providing top left panel for the source content, top right section for the video preview and the multitrack timeline available in the bottom section. Additionally you are also allowed the leverage to reshape, resize and even rearrange all the panels to your liking.The button interface has been revamped considering the new generation’s obsessions with flat buttons and simplistic lines.

Sharing Options

Cyberlink has always been known for its no qualms attitude when it comes to filing support for exporting the finished product. Power Director continues the legacy by supporting MPEG -1, MPEG-2, MPEG-3, MPEG-4, AVI, H.265, H.264, MOV, MKV, and WMV file types for export. You also have the choice to choose an output device type, and Power Director will take care of using the appropriate format. Currently, it supports Blackberry, Apple, Android and Windows phones. There are also attractive social network integration options such as direct upload to YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Facebook platforms. All this coupled with Cyberlink cloud makes Power Director the king of all video editors.

Price value

Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra ReviewCyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra ReviewWith fastest rendering and preview, when compared to any other amateur video editing tool available in the market Power Director covers all bases. There are tons of effects to make your personal video dazzling, ability to edit multiple camera outputs together, support for 3D and 4K color ratio and Blu-ray disc support. All these features for $129.99 make Cyberlink Power Director an actual competitor in terms of value for money as well.

Community & Training

As one of the best video editing software tool, Cyberlink Power Director comes with multiple walkthrough videos, and you would find loads of support and innovative tutorials on youtube or any other support community for this widely popular tool. The help section is also very comprehensive and features detailed steps to perform complex editing jobs, as well as navigational tips for this amazing editor. We do miss the keyword search feature in the video effects category, but that is certainly not a deal breaker for us.

Customer Support

Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 Ultra ReviewCyberlink continues to capitalize on its well-equipped support team to attract more customers to Power Director. With a full purchase, you get unlimited support through customer service center as well as online assistance regarding any feature of this tool. The customer service is prompt and is aware of the common FAQs about this product.


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