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Located in UK, Easyspace (www.easyspace.com) is engaged in web hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and others Internet solutions. Easyspace is outstanding in the industry, since it has invested in and owned 10 data centers as well as network infrastructures by far. Its dedicated servers aimed at different clients, offers regular plans and customized plans. In below, we will further analyze Easyspace dedicated servers from its features, server speed, reliability, pricing and customer support.

Features Easyspace Dedicated Server offers

Easyspace provides customers with Value, Reseller, The Beast and time-limited Special offers plans. All of them allow clients to customize RAM, processors, hard disk, RAID, etc to best create their websites. In addition, Linux and Windows operating systems are available in Easyspace dedicated server packages.

Furthermore, CPU cores are diverse, ranging from dual core 2.2 GHz to dual Hex core 2.6 GHz. RAM is from 4GB to high 256 GB, which is all up to clients. Disk drives have choices of HDD, SAS and SSD. Hardware RAID 5 and RAID 10 as well as software RAID 1 and 10 are also optional if customers want.

Besides, Easyspace dedicates server gives various options on backup, server management, Plesk, cPanel, which depend on how customers want to manage their websites and servers. In a word, Easyspace dedicated server is flexible in feature choices.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Speed and Reliability

All Easyspace dedicated servers are placed in its own data centers, operated by its engineers as well. So it can make 100% Network and Power Uptime SLA.

Easyspace data centers are just based in London, Leicester, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham and Maidenhead. Thus, UK local websites will enjoy highly reliability. In fact, these data centers are built with crafted design. Everything is completely considered. As a result, power is redundant no matter what happens. Hosting temperature is stable in rainy or hot days.

On top of that, Easyspace dedicated server packages contain dedicated 100Mbit port for free. If customers want to faster download or uploading speed, they can upgrade dedicated port to 1 Gbit with extra money.

Easyspace Dedicated Server Charges

Prices of Easyspace dedicated servers will show large differences with packages and features customers select. But overall, they are reasonable and worthwhile considering its features and performance.

The time-limited Special Offers plan is cheapest at $28 per month, which includes dual cores, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

The regular entry-level Value plan is at $39.98/mo, from which customer will get dual core 2.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 2×2 TB HDD or 2×128 GB SSD storage, as well as unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Easyspace Customer Support Aimed at Dedicated Server

Easyspace appoints its own staffs instead of a third party to do technical support for dedicated server customers in UK based offices. Moreover, its dedicated server support is available 24 hours a day via email and web. Standard and Advanced SLA customers will even get 24/7/365 phone support, via which they will directly talk to Easyspace knowledgeable representatives. Another approach is

Beyond that, every 5 minutes, Easyspace on-site engineers will ping dedicated servers to see whether there is any problem. If there do, they will alert customers to take some measures. If server hardware has problems, they will fix or directly replace the server as quickly as possible.


With Flexible features, rock-solid hosting infrastructures in UK, reasonable pricing and 24/7 customers support, Easyspace is a choice of every medium to large size company and organization in United Kingdom. They can just customize dedicated servers specifically for their websites. For more Easyspace information, please visit www.easyspace.com.


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Free Domain 0 Full Refund Trial 0
OS linux Storage (MB) 250000
SSD Disk No SSL Empty
CPU Dual Core RAM (MB) 2000
Scalable No Max CPU Empty
Max RAM (MB) 0 Dedicated IP 0
Managed No Control Panel Plesk/cPanel
Monthly Transfer (GB) 0 Free Advertising Credit Empty
Uplink Bandwidth (MB) 0 Datacenter Connection Empty
Country of Data Center UK State of Data Center Empty
City of Data Center Empty Data Center Name Empty
Country Code Empty

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