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Eve Lom TLC Cream

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Finding the perfect facial cream for winter is always a tricky thing. It must be very moisturizing to fend off the ghastly dry weather, yet we don’t like a very heavy one. It cost me quite a fortune before I eventually found the best facial cream for winter, Eve Lom TLC Cream. If you’ve had enough of the chaps or dry patches on your face, TLC face cream would be a godsend.

Eve Lom TLC Cream

Heavenly Smell

It’s rather difficult to describe the smell of a cream. But with Eve Lom, it’s much easier. Just think of the scent of rose tea. A rich, fresh rose scent, that’s how TLC cream smells like. The cream is naturally fragranced with the most luxurious and natural essential oil Rose Otto of Bulgaria. By twisting the lid, you are opening a gate through rose garden.

Rich texture, easy to blend

The cream has a lovely dense texture. But don’t take it wrong, it doesn’t have that waxy sort of touch. Instead it’s extremely soft and silky. Despite its richness, TLC cream is surprisingly easy to blend. Warm it up in the palm, and gently press it into your skin, the cream would absorb in no time, leaving a smooth and soft skin behind. Also it goes well with my serums, sunscreens or foundations.

Eve Lom TLC Cream Review

Long -lasting Protection

The cream is recommended as a night cream on face. After a whole night, you can still feel the supple touch of your skin, dewy and radiant. And I prefer TLC as a day cream in very dry weathers. The dry patches around my nose won’t show up any more, which makes the following make up much more natural.

Oily? Not really.

To be honest I was taken aback the first time I put the cream on. My face was literally shining because of the oil. I was very disappointed at first, but when I woke up with a glowing face next morning, I’ve decided to put it on my repurchase list. Soon I discovered that the shiny look has a subtle difference from an oily one. It’s more like having shimmers on your face rather than oil. Though the cream leaves a rather sticky feeling behind, it never bothers me as a night cream. Anyway the feeling would be gone as the product absorbing.

How to apply?

Suitable for dry and mature skins as a night cream. When used as a neck and décolletage cream, it suits all skin types.

  • Apply on dry clean skin
  • Warm the product in the palms
  • Press the cream into your face


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Effectiveness : 5.0 Ingredient : 5.0
Packaging : 5.0 Price Value : 5.0
Smell : 5.0 Texture : 5.0
In general, the product is dry skin in autumn and winter dry season, the Gospel of its biggest advantage is moisturizing effect is very durable. Use it at night, the morning is still wet. But I recommend this cream with evening, in the morning with, to absorb for a long time, more waste of time. Its moisturizing performance won a shiseido, the optimal and LA killing creams, so dry skin can really consider, this is I will consider the buyback is late.
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