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Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream

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Beauty is the essential quality of human being and especially for the females. So females are too much interested about their apprearence and beauty, and are always busy to search for new product of improved formulated cosmetics. Fresh Black Tea Age-delay cream is one of those cosmetics which is introduced from natural protection from decay. Now what is Fresh Black Tea Age-delay cream? Fresh Black Tea Age-delay cream is an anti-aging, moisturizing facial cream of advanced formula which distinctly reduces the debut of wrinkles and gives firm, smooth skin to consumers with improving skin tone. fresh8.1_副本


The Fresh Black Tea Age-delay Cream is contained in white glass jar and of amount 1.6 oz (50 ml). It is priced about $ 95.00. No doubt it is somehow costly but the cream 1.6 oz saves more!


The cream is prepared with a large number of ingredients, but the main key ingredients are few and are given bellow. The fermented black teafights against the damaging of free radicals of skin and makes skin soft, smooth and increases luster. It is also an anti-oxidant. The cream is also enriched by lychee seed extract which helps to maintain the elasticity and also smoothness. The formula also contains polysaccharides that help to reduce the debut of the fine lines and a protective anti-oxidant blackberry leaf extract assist to help to maintain a firm, flexible body color.There is also Moringa-seed extract and hyaluronic spheres, those work as a moisturizer. This advanced formulated Black Tea Age-delay cream is free from parabens, which is commonly used in cosmetics for its preservative property. The parabens is responsible for early puberty and high density of parabens can cause breast cancer.There are also different results found due to different level of density of parabens, so more research is needed for this concern. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream Review The advanced formulated Black Tea Age-delay cream is Sulphate free because the Sulphates can be the cause of skin irritations and can worsen skin problems. Sulphateis a cheap detergent which can clean the face skin, but this property makes the skin harsh and dry and may act as an aging element. Fresh Black Tea Age-delay cream is also formulated without Phthalates . The phthalates or phthalates esters are used in cosmetics and are easily released into the environment. Due to high doses hormone levels can be changed and cause birth defects. Most of the present researches on effects of phthalate exposure has been noticed on children and men’s health and women may be of higher risk for adverse health effects due to cosmetic use. Diethyl phthalate and debulyl phthalate especially leads tothe breast cancerdevelopment.

The Brand

This cream is under the brand “Fresh” which has a goal to mix modern technology with ancient beauty rituals. They try to creat a collection of high quality and highly effective cosmetic products and fragrances for skin , hair, eye, bath, makeup actually all those are needed for human race.

What We Need to Know

The Black Tea has high levels of anti-oxidants and tannins, and has anti-septic properties. The Black Tea attracts the researcher attention when fermented black tea blends. Its history is about 250 BC, during the mentioned period people called it an ‘Immortal HealthElixer’. The researcher discovered that it helps to bring back luster to dull skin and firm the complexion. AlinaRoytbergand Lev Glazman, the Founders of the company is named as ‘The Fresh’ said that the complex is found in the Black Tea Collection is very effective so it is called the best of what the Black Tea Age-delay cream offer to act as an ‘Immortal elixir’ for its age-delay activity. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream Review

How to Use

It is very thick but easy to use with fingertips. It is very smooth to use under the eyes. It can be used daily and for all day long. For getting the best result it is recommended to use Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate before to apply this cream. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream Review

The Sensation of the Users

The users reaction about the sensation are various.Someone says that it is greasy like and the smell is unpleasant and someone says that it is somehow oily, but absorbed shortly. For some persons it feels comfortable and its fruity smell feels better, but it is very temporary. The various userreports help to draw the conclusion that the sensation is average. Actually, it is good for extra dry and normal skin type. For dry skin, it is better to use for all seasons and for normal skin type it is good for winter season according to consumers’ comments.It is very thick and has dense texture. Fresh Black Tea Age-delay Cream is too rich for oily and combined type skin.


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