Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

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Chemical free body wash is a must for everyone. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish has only natural ingredients. Some beauty magazine seems to think Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is one of the best beauty care items of 2016. But is it any good? We did a complete review of the scrub for you.


400 gram Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish costs $74.95 which is very high for a scrub. But the product has very expensive ingredients. So the high cost is understandable.


Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish comes in a well-made jar. Cap is tightly sealed. Jar has a wide mouth which is good. You can use a clean spoon to take some scrub out.

One jar lasts for a month. It is important to keep the product hygienic. This scrub has no chemicals, so it has shorter shelf life than chemical-filled beauty products. Fingers can have germs which will ruin the scrub. So be careful about this. Otherwise, you will end up with red rashes. 


Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is made of sugar and sugar does not have any smell.  This scrub, however, has some natural oils too. A mild passing smell is there, but the smell does not stay there when you rub the scrub on your body. No smell beauty product is good for people who are sensitive to smell.


Product has the exact same density of brown sugar that you use for making desserts. It has a rough surface. Scrubs are supposed to have rough surface as they need to remove all the dead skin cells from your body. So it is a good sign.


Brown Sugar, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, and Passion flower extract, orange oil, Calendula, Lemon oil, citron oil and many more natural ingredients are there in this sugar body scrub. You can check the ingredient list. It is entirely chemical ingredients free.


Scrubs are great. It takes care of all the dead skin cells. It also makes the body feel rejuvenated. But scrubs can also ruin your skin completely if it is not suitable for your particular skin type. We tested the product on various types of skin. Here is the result of our experiment.

Dry skin

Many women with dry skin are afraid to take a shower in the winter season. One shower and the skin becomes lifeless again. The whitish rough skin after using soap makes the skin look terrible. It is also itchy and painful. Moisturizer only lasts for a couple of hours. Not the best moisturizer in the world works all day. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is a perfect product for women with parched skin. Scrub takes care of all the dead skin cells; you do not need to use soap after you use Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish all over your body. Keep the scrub for at least 20 minutes. You also need to massage the scrub gently and not quickly. After taking the shower, you will understand the difference. Your skin will look fairer, softer and more toned. That change will occur after just one-time usage.

Sensitive skin

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish has only natural ingredients. You can use it on sensitive skin too. Acne is a problem when it gets dried too. The black spots stay there for a long time. It makes the skin appear dirty. If you are currently facing dry acne black spot problem, then try Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish for two days. All those dead black skins will be gone; your skin will look fresh again. This particular scrub will also protect your skin against frequent breakouts. Acne happens on an impure skin. Once you start getting rid of infected cells regularly from your skin, acnes will not happen very happen.

Oily skin

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish has a lot of essential oil. This scrub is good for dry skin or sensitive skin but not for oily skin. Women with oily skin can still use this body scrub. But this product will not be very useful in getting rid of oily skin problems.


Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish can be used right before the shower. Not mandatory, but for better results take a bath with lukewarm water after using this scrub.

Tips: If you are suffering from severe skin problems then use the scrub daily for at least a month. After a month, your skin will be a lot better. You can then use the scrub twice/thrice a week.


This scrub is one of top selling beauty products in the world. It is powerful and one of rarest scrub products which actually shows results. This scrub gives the skin its natural glow back. It rejuvenates the entire look. So it is absolutely worth the high price. 


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