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Fresh Rose Floral Toner

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Editor Review


I don’t know about others, but if I see the word “fresh” in any of the skin care products, I get attracted easily. Don’t know why this word has a powerful effect on me. I like my diet fresh. I like my room fresh, and most importantly I want the products that touches my skin to smell fresh and look fresh. No strong smelling chemical products for me. I love the smelling of natural fruits and flowers. My beautician strongly suggested me to make a toner part of my daily skin care routine, but all the toners I found have alcohol base, so I kept looking for something pure and fresh .So when I heard about the product Fresh Rose Floral Toner I got curious, and I looked it up, and after reading some of the qualities I knew I have to try one. The product claimed that it is 100 % rose water and nothing else. Thank god I found the product, this is just amazing, from now on this is the only toner that’s I am going to use, it is perfect; it fulfills all my toner requirements without a single miss. Fresh Rose Floral Toner Review


Many women may feel $58.00 is too much to pay for a toner. But may I ask you why not, your skin deserve something special. A toner is part of your daily routine, a product which you will use everyday needs to be safe and made of pure ingredients. This product made me appear younger than my actual age, which is priceless. And for a product that is made of natural ingredient like rose water, this price is not too much. My skin means everything to me. So every woman should use this toner at least once. After the skin improvement result you will see, you will not feel this product is costly anymore. It’s absolutely worth its price.


The packaging is very attractive. It comes in an attractive white narrow bottle with a silver spray cap. I loved the spray option part. It’s easy and fun to use. You just have to hold the bottle in front of your face and spray it. No other requirement of using a cotton ball or anything. You can use it directly. What a great idea. It makes the chances of getting infection even lower, sometimes the cotton balls we use for using a toner may not be very well cleaned. The cap is air tight, hygienic and very classy looking. The packet made me feel I paid for the right product. Fresh Rose Floral Toner (2)


Fresh Rose Floral Toner is made of 100% rose water, so the texture is completely water based, it vanishes on your skin the moment you spray on it. It looks and feels exactly like the texture of rose water.


Here is the best part, just open the cap of the container and your nose is filled with the smell of garden fresh rose. It’s refreshing, completely changes your mood. Roses are my favorite flowers. I can only smell the rose water in this toner, there is no other smell. So people who do not like alcohol smelling toners must try this fresh toner, its absolutely chemical smell free. Fresh Rose Floral Toner (4)


Fresh is good and everything but does Fresh Rose Floral Toner actually works? Don’t want to lie but I still had some doubts. But after just two three use all my doubts vanished, it does the job very well. It is exactly the toner I needed for my skin. It hydrated my skin, tighten it, made it smoother, and the wrinkles I recently spotted on my face looked lighter from the first use. It completely rejuvenated my skin, made it look so much younger, and cleaner. All of a sudden my skin got back all the life it lost because of the harsh sunlight. My beautician was right I needed the right toner for my skin. This product is so effective that after couple of use you will not be able spend a single day without using it. The change is very clear, and it’s on your face right here, you don’t have to look hard to find the changes in your skin. This product gave me absolutely no side effect, and I can say this with confident now since I am using this product for two months. Fresh Rose Floral Toner (3)


The toner is made of pure rose water. There are also some very effective skin care ingredients mixed with rose water to make this product perfect. I read on the bottle, I always do that because of my own satisfaction, and found some of the costly and hard to avail ingredients the brand used for this product. I must say I am impressed. Don’t take my words for this, go ahead and try one; it’s made of rose water, so you have nothing to lose.


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Shelf Life (months) 12 Skin Type dry, normal, oily
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