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By: ghd
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For globe-trotters, hair styling is a tough job. Incessant flights and road travels only ruin the hairdo. But, businesses must go on and conferences must be attended. So, businesswomen look for solutions where they don’t have to worry about coiffure but look good anyway. Some have a haircut while others simply tie it up. Why ruin your getup? With Ghd Gold Style Iron, long tresses can be straightened or curled. Even cropped up hair can look curly with fine locks on the forehead. Take a look at how this gizmo helps to keep hair in shape. Ghd Gold Style Iron Review


The price of the Ghd Gold Style Iron is $225. Although some buyers may opt out from buying the gizmo, you should add it to your beauty kit as it helps you to coiffure your hair without visiting any salon. Providing a lifelong service, the gizmo is durable and efficient in its service.


A sleek rectangular black box with bright yellow design looks classy at a glance. Inside, there is a glimmering gold plate that is stuck to black handles. The getup is quite elegant. The finish is smooth and the gold accents look attractive. There is a protective plate guard that helps to keep the hot plates secured inside the guard. So, users need not worry about the heat and can tuck them in with the plate guard inserted on it, into their bags. The company also offers wonderful perks to the customers. New buyers can get a free home delivery. There is also a two-year warranty available with the gizmo. Ghd Gold Style Iron Review


The luxurious hair ironing tool helps to smooth unkempt hair so that it looks neat, velvety and light. In-between the two plates, the hair are passed through to give that cascading finish. However, how does it work? Many ironing plates only ruin the hair. Experts point out that too much heat and high temperature can burn the cuticle of the hair strands. The result is that the hair becomes brittle and fall off with little pressure. However, Ghd experts had created an innovative technology where they did not let the plates cross the limit. The plates provide a professional look. It has smoother plates that glide through the tresses with ease. The hair does not feel any pressure. Nor to the scalp feel the pull. The gizmo is lightweight and ergonomically designed. It works just the way ceramic heaters work. The middle part of the plate straightens the hair strands. The cascading locks groove brilliantly as one whole. The contoured plates are specifically designed to curl up the locks. The sides help to do just this. The gizmo is safe and user-friendly. There is no fear of overheating the gizmo as the hair stylizing ironing machine goes into a sleep mode when left untouched for 30 minutes or so. There is universal voltage system that ensures that users from any part of the world can seamlessly use the gizmo. The technology works brilliantly on any type of hair. The heat seals the cuticle of the hair. The static-free hair does not lose more of its latent moisture. As a result, the hair looks silky, conditioned, and brushed. Ghd Gold Style Iron Review

How to Use

To use the gizmo, one must read the user manual carefully. Before using the Ggd Gold Style Iron, the user must clean the hair and make it completely dry. Once done, the gizmo is heated to an optimum temperature. Then, it is unplugged and hair strands are passed through the plates. The sides help to form curls while the middle part is used to straighten the hair. The gold plates must be kept at an angle to ensure the soft curls are formed. Many users prefer to use a hairspray to ensure that the hair is manageable when the Style Iron is run over the hair.


Any type of hair, such as straight hair, curly hair, fine hair or thick bushy hair, can be managed and tamed with the Gold Style Iron. The hair does not lose their luster even after numerous straightening. The hair is no longer rough, brittle, and tangled. In fact, the hair is smooth, cascading, or bouncy. Hairstylists often recommend such products as they help the hair to remain healthy. Soft curls to long tresses can be managed well through this flat ironing gizmo. These are especially made for travelers who just get few hours to deck up and check out for their next assignment. Secured and safe, the gizmo allows only accepted temperatures to straighten or curl the hair. So, one need not worry about damaging one’s hair when using a Ghd product. Ghd Gold Style Iron Review


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Effectiveness : 4.0 Features : 4.0
Packaging : 4.0 Price Value : 4.0
Ghd Gold Style Iron is a great helper to my hair. It is easy to operate and face to heat up. I usually apply hair oil first and then use it, so this iron work well on my hair without damage.I love this styler!
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