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Google Drive ReviewCloud based computing service Google Drive ( essentially links all Google's online services including Android, Gmail, groups, code and Google's online office applications. As one of the best cloud storage providers, Google drive is ideally an office suite that allows users to share and store documents, photos, spreadsheets, and videos and music in a secured drive hosted by Google.


Google Drive is safe and secured for uploading, downloading, or sharing of files across the Internet. The files are stored in safe and dedicated data centers that are managed by Google. None of the files stored will get lost nor will the information be leaked to unauthorized people. The security mechanism is simple but stringently encrypted rules help to keep data safe. Google always professes that Google Drive is safe provided their Google account is safe. Running anti-virus software utilities from time-to-time, updating recovery options, updating browser options, and keeping strong password are some useful habits which the user must have. There is a two-step verification process to enroll into the service. There are dedicated ways to remove malware – which users should use from time to time. However, although Google Drive is encrypted, one must not use it in a public or shared PC or Mac device. The point is that anyone using the device will access the files. Nevertheless, users can make the documents they have uploaded on Google Drive as shared one for all or private to some members only. They can be shared to people with the link. Users can also make certain files for the public as well.

Share & Access and File Control

Google Drive Review The cloud-based service is convenient and versatile as it can be synced with computing gizmos. The simple web forms and other surveying documents can be generated quickly. Notifications can be sent out or received and collaboration with teams can be done – without the hassle of owning a dedicated server in the process. Google Drive is a unique and affordable cloud computing service that is operated by Google. While all Windows applications, such as Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista can access Google Drive, the Apple applications are done through GDrive. For instance, a folder is created in the Mackintosh computer which can sync files from the Google Drive to the gizmo. The Drive ensures documents and even the heavy files, such huge HD movies, long presentations, to be downloaded quickly into the PC and vice versa. Google Chrome users need to download Drive Chrome app to download the files easily. It is also easy to collaborate or chat about details about a document on the document itself in real time. The chat button can help to do this option seamlessly. The conversation between the collaborators stays with the document and allows the user to share it with others as well. There is a Share button to share links on social media to the Drive and vice versa. One can also tap to access third-party apps. These include Cafepress, HelloFax, and so on. The Wappwolf Automator allows Google Drive to sync with the user accounts with other cloud service providers, such as Dropbox, Kindle, and Picasa.


Just like DropBox, some space is free for all users. A Google Drive account holder can use 15GB of free space. There is a Business Plan which allows the user to get a dedicated email account, online storage option, conduct video meetings, and more. The users need to pay $10 per user per month. There will be at least 1TB of space per user (if the number of users is less than 5); admin controls for the Drive, reports and audits of Drive sharing and transferring, archiving options, and more.

Customer Support

There is a dedicated help center for Google. Users can get information on how to get started or troubleshoot hiccups they may face while working with Google Drive. There are tips and tricks to understand the usability features of their online cloud storage services. There is also a help forum where one can get ready information on issues that usually crop up while working with the cloud service. If issues cannot be solved, the user can contact the customer care representative.


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