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Apple iPhone 6

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Below are some of the first impressions of the iPhone 6. It was quite some time before Apple decided that they need to upgrade their smart phone. The iPhone 5S could not really make much of a hue and cry in the market. The latest product from Apple is however a tat better and comes with few excellent changes that we will see in this review. Iphone 6 review


The first thing that will strike you the moment you lay your hands on the new smart phone is that, it is very slim. That is correct. You will want to know that the smart phone is the slimmest iPhone ever produced. It comes at just 6.9mm, which is pretty slim. The previous model, the iPhone 5S was 7.6mm, which makes a lot of difference. You cannot term this a massive change, but it is a significant one. It is always nice to have slim smart phones around you. They can be placed just about anywhere. You can place them inside your shirt or pant, without worrying about anything. The size will not bother you, unlike other smart phones. The edges are more soft and round. Unlike the iPhone 5S which had sharp edges and felt slippery in your hands, this phone feels sturdy. The power button is on the right side, which makes it easy for you to access it. As far as the design of the phone is concerned, you can be rest assured that it is easy to hold and looks beautiful.


The specifications are similar to the iPhone 5S. The iPhone6 has a noticeable 4.7 inch screen. The iPhone 5S came with a 4 inch screen. While that might not seem to be a big change, it makes a huge difference when you play games and watch videos. The smart phone has a display made of ions. Iphone 6 review Unlike what you must have read, it does not come with a sapphire-protected screen. The processor is A8, which is 64-bit chipset, which has been produced by Apple. You got a large 128 GB storage space. The 32GB has been dropped from the models which the company is going to manufacture here on in.

Battery life

The battery of the iPhone6 is more efficient than the iPhone 5S. The phone provides 10 days of standby, 11 hours of video and online browsing, and more than 50 hours of audio. They are good figures for a smart phone. It does not matter if you are a heavy user of a light user of the smart phone. The battery can handle all your requirements.


Another significant change in the iPhone6 is the resolution which is at 1134 x 750. It comes for a total of 326ppi. There is no change in the megapixels. The sensor has larger pixels which can help you to take sharp images. The panoramas have been increased which provide you with the option of recording videos in slow-motion. Iphone 6 review It might not be a massive change, but the picture quality is improved and with the ability to record videos in slow-motion, you can take your time when taking videos. This feature is very useful for professional photographers. If you take many pictures or are a photographer, then this smart phone is a must.


There hasn’t been a huge change in the features of the iPhone6 apart from the increase in screen size and storage space. However, you will have to know that this phone is the first of its kind from Apple to come with NFC. This feature lets you use American Express, Visa, and US MasterCard. They let you make contactless payments. This is a very helpful feature that lets you make payments, especially when you need to make them. If you are somebody who makes online payments often then you might have consider this smart phone.


The company will ship the iPhone6 from September 19. Those of you who have pre-ordered it would have received it on September 12. You do not want to take time, if you have decided to purchase this smart phone. The price is reasonable in terms of its high quality. .

Should you buy this phone?

Those of you who are looking to change your existing smart phone with a larger display, better features phone might want to give the iPhone6 a try. You also get more storage space. If you are someone who likes to store many videos and songs, might have to think about that. Those of you play several video games, might like to use this smart phone. You got a massive 128GB in this phone. That is a jump from 64GB, present in the existing models. But, the smart phone doesn’t come with too many things to really draw attention to. You cannot find major differences from the previous models, which might not drag iPhone 5S users to this model.


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Model number 1654I24APPLE6 Date First Available 2014-09-18
CPU A8 RAM (MB) 16000
Storage (MB) 16000 Screen Size 4.7 inches
Battery Life 250h Camera 8MP
Color Empty Dimensions 5.4 x 0.3 x 2.6
Weight 0.28 pounds Resolution Empty
Country Code US

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