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Whether it is reading or writing, kids get excited when they are subjected to some kind of excitement and surprise. And Kindle has indeed been able to hype up to its expectations. Kindle has simply revolutionized the way kids read with the invention of their Kindle reading tool. This has simply helped kids to gain more knowledge and practical aspects of life rather than end up being a couch potato or wasting time on the virtual world and getting disconnected with the real one. So what are the features or the best aspects of the Kindle? Let's check it out.


Kindle for Kids Bundle review   The interesting aspect of the Kindle for kids is that it is simply designed keeping in mind of children. It helps kids to read books in an environment which is fun, safe and simple; especially something which is specifically designed for them. The tool is so great that one can just search for words even before they can know how to type characters. The kid won't need to write the words like Dinosaurs, Princess, etc. and they would only need to tap into images like Cars, Dinosaurs, etc.


Kindle for Kids Bundle review  

  • Vocabulary Developer: The Kindle has got the extensive feature of Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise which supports the easy and the best real-time vocabulary improvement and development. This helps in improving the confidence of kids and helps in motivating them to read. Additionally, there is the option to increase the font size, which is suitable for kids as they can read difficult and larger books.
  • Light and Compact: With Kindle, you can store thousands of books in one device. This means that kids won't need to leave their favorite titles behind.
  • Easy Tracking: With the help of the Kindle Freetime, it makes the tracking of the reading easy and fast. Children can now see the entire reading progress with regard to each of the books, keep track of the reading accomplishments of each days and once they achieve or fulfill an accomplishment, then they get the achievement badges for simply achieving that given milestone.
  • Parental Control: Not only for kids, but parents can have a great peace of mind because of Kindle. Non-of the inappropriate contents and vulgar websites or contents or accidental purchases can be available for kids.  The Kindle Free Time tool blocks and prevent any kind of access with regard to the purchasing and browsing of in the Kindle Store. Even accessing the Wikipedia, the internet, and other social sharing sites are prevented with their Kindle Free Time.


Kindle for Kids Bundle review The latest Kindle tool is sans with sponsored keywords. The screen feature consists of a touchscreen display which helps in reading similar to reading of a paper and there is no glare even when the sun is shining.


Kindle for Kids Bundle review Being portable is another great aspect of this tool. It is wireless and the single battery can last for weeks. Just imagine, not hours, but a single week. This is something which kids are going to relish upon. Plus another aspect is that you can simply combine thousands of books into a single Kindle and thereby never have to carry the huge amount of books which could be weighing in kilos.


The Kindle tool is quite cheap and you can get it at various online websites.


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Model number Empty Date First Available 2015-07-27
Resolution 167 ppi Screen Size 6 inche
Frontlit Yes Adjustable Brightness Yes
Touchscreen No Battery Life 4 Weeks
Weight 6.7 ounces Dimensions 6.7" x 4.7" x 0.40"
Build in WIFI Yes 3G Yes
Expandable Memory (GB) Yes Image Formats jpeg, gif, bmp, png
Text Formants txt, pdf, mobi, prc, html, doc Built-in Dictionary Yes
Adjustable Fonts Yes Bookmarks Yes
Automatic Sync Yes Note-taking& Annotations Yes
Librery ebooks No Magazines & Newspapers Yes
AudioBook Yes Warranty 1-year limited warranty and service plus 2-year Extended Warranty included for U.S. customers.
Color Black/Dark Blue/Green/Pink/Purple Country Code US

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