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Consider yourself waiting at the airport and the flight is hours late. What can you do except twiddle your thumb? Just pick out the new Kindle Voyage e-reader and read the exciting novel you were nearly finishing the other day. Although there are many e-readers in town, this one seems to be even more attractive. Let’s check the utilities in the digital product a ‘must-have’ item in your travel bag.


For many reading is a passion when the text is crisp and sharp. The earlier e-readers had display made from e-Ink technology where the text was displayed “like a paper”. However, this one is more than just the e-Ink knowhow. Additionally, the gadget uses the Regal technology which negates the full-page refresh with each page turns. So, readers can read without being disturbed due to the incessant refreshes.  The screen offers a resolution of 300ppi and supports 16-level gray scale. It also supports an optimized font technology – all these ensure that the readability is hassle-free and feels just like a printed paper. There is adaptive front light which automatically adjusts the screen light depending on the ambient lighting condition. For instance, it is possible to read the text even under direct sunlight or when there is total darkness.


The e-reader is extremely lightweight, weighing only 180 grams. It can be held in one hand and read for hours without any discomfort. The 6-inch display measures (6.4x4.5x0.30) inches. The Kindle Voyage e-reader is a standalone piece that does not require a PC for downloading stories. Kindle Voyage Review There is a 4GB storage option which ensures that users can download thousands of e-books at a time. The gizmo is equipped to connect with Amazon Cloud storage library. Thousands of stories, articles, and journals can be downloaded in a jiffy using the e-reader.


The slim-n-trim device is resilient to last for days in a single battery charge. There is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide power for about 6 weeks with half-an-hour reading each day. The battery life can vary if the light setting is tweaked from 10 points. It takes about 3 hours to charge the battery via USB cable from a PC. The gizmo is equipped to handle Wi-Fi connectivity. It supports both public and private networks. It also supports hotspots, WEP, WPA and WPA2 security utilities. Users can opt for password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Packed with various options, such as:

  • Kindle Free Time – where users can personalize settings in the Kindle e-reader for their kids.
  • X-ray for books – where users can extract a passage or fictional characters from a book.
  • Vocabulary builder – where users can find meanings of words or phrases.
  • Cloud Collection – where users can organize books in various categories.
  • Connect with Goodreads – where users can connect to a community forum with avid readers log in and comment on various books.
  • Note taking – where users can take notes in the margins and share the same in the social networks.
  • PagePress sensors – where users can use haptic gestures for page turns.

…And, there is more. The readers can connect to audio books, videos and share their Kindle account with others too by using Family Library link.


The Voyage uses an advanced e-Ink technology, known as the e-Ink Carta which offers at least 50 percent more contrast ratio than the earlier version. So, the fonts are legible and color contrast is high. The text is just as if the user is reading from a book. There are numerous e-books to choose from. Even new books are coming up as well. Readers can read challenging books or share books from public libraries easily. It is also simple to involve a kid to read books and seamlessly integrate the gizmo with classroom learning as well. The extremely handy gadget can be pulled out and read from where the reader had stopped. The lighting condition too, automatically changes with the ambient light. So, reading is hassle-free and comfortable. Kindle Voyage Review

Customer Support

The readers need to visit the support helpdesk to troubleshoot in case they are not able to use the gizmo.There are articles and tips to help new buyers to get started with the gadget quickly and seamlessly use the apps.


Voracious reader can get a unique e-reader which they can carry everywhere they go at a reasonable price. The gadget with wirelessly capabilities and user-friendly attributes make it a desired tool even for those who are novice in computing.


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Text Formants Built-in Dictionary No
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Librery ebooks No Magazines & Newspapers No
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Color Empty Country Code US

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