Korres Fig Shower Gel

Korres Fig Shower Gel

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Skincare is absolutely essential in warm and arid regions where climatic conditions take a toll on the latent skin moisture. A bath is a must but bathing soaps can even take way the little bit of nourishment your skin has got.Korres Fig Shower Gel is a hydrating, creamy moisturizingbody wash that nourishes the skin from within. It hydrates the skin so that it looks naturally nourished and supple. Check out whether it really brings that hydrated look to your skin at a price that will not pinch your pocket.


There are many varieties of Korres shower gels, such as those on Guava, bergamot, basil lemon, Jasmine, and Rose fragrances. The Korres Fig Shower Gel is sold in a 250ml cylindrical plastic bottle with a white cap. The bottle, though made of plastic, is durable. The cap needs to be flipped open and small amount oozes out when the bottle is pressed. Often, the bottles are sold in a combo pack with a Korres moisturizing lotion. Korres Fig Shower Gel Review


A 250ml bottle costs around $13. Some lucky buyers can grab a combo pack of this bottle along with another skincare product at a cheaper rate. Nevertheless, the cost is not very high priced compared to the amount one uses. Moreover, one shower a day is all that is needed for it to work.


Just a small amount is enough to make a thick foamy lather. The best way to apply the gel is to put it along with water on the body. One must shake the bottle before use. Once applied and kept for some time, the gel can be rinsed off. Two pumps of the gel are generally enough for a normal shower. One can use loofah to get the creamy lather. The Fig Shower Gel is a whitish cream which flows a bit on the skin. The dry skin immediately cools as the hydrating agents start working on it. The body feels clean and the skin feels soft and nourished. Dry scales in the elbows, ankles and heels seem to soften.


As the name suggests, Korres Fig Shower Gel has a good amount of fig extracts in it. Naturally, it smells of fresh fig. However, the smell isn’t a picky fruity one. It blends with other floral scents. The refreshing smell nevertheless, appeals to those who use it regularly. The aroma is more like a juicy ripe fig fruit rather than a milky or woody feel. Once put on, the smell blends with the other smells and gives fresh appeal. The scent seems a natural combination of various fruity and floral varieties with a predominance of fig. The fragrance also seem to last a little longer than other gels. Korres Fig Shower Gel Review


The best part of the shower gel is that it cleanses the body but also hydrates it from within. There are emollients which makes the skin non-reactive and cool. There are humectants which promotes the latent skin-moisturizing elements. These also help to nourish the skin further with suitable moisturizers. The hydrated skin becomes soft and young. There are wheat proteins in aleurone, a layer under the wheat-bran, which contains vitamins and minerals. These consequently, help to promote collagen stimulation and synthesize elastin. The combination has a remarkable effect on the skin. The puffiness or dryness in the skin vanishes. The skin becomes buoyant and radiant. The fine lines and wrinkles due to severe sunburn or fatigue are gone. Korres shower gel does not let the skin nutrients to mix with pollutants. The anti-oxidants in the gel sooth the skin by removing skin radicals. It promotes cell regeneration and brings in newer cells. The body looks lively and a subtle glow can be seen.


The ingredients ofKorres Fig Shower Gel are tested by the dermatologist experts. There is no parabens, triclosan , silicons, propylene glycol, mineral oil, and ethanolamines. There are emollients, such as Aloe Vera which supplies various types of vitamins. Vitamin C and E along with antioxidant enzymes protects the immune system of the skin. It also helps to activate natural collagen and elastin in the skin. Through these activities, aging is reduced. There is also a good amount of sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, parfum, extracts of althaea officinalis root, helichrysum arenarium, and hydrolyzed wheat gluten. There are also traces of various hydrocarbons, such as benzyl alcohol, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, castoryl maleate, and phenoxyethanol. Some amount of lactic acid, polyquaternium-7, linalool, and potassium sorbate are also available.


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Effectiveness : 5.0 Ingredient : 5.0
Packaging : 4.0 Price Value : 4.0
Texture : 4.0 Smell : 5.0
Korres Fig Shower Gel is one of my favorite shower gel! I absolutely adore the scent of fig, and this product really presents the scent so well that you will feel like you are using fresh figs to wash your body.
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