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La Mer The Moisturizing Cream

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The long wait for millions of La Mer follower for a light and luxurious moisturizing cream ended with its latest version La Mer – The Moisturising Cream. The premium and legendary skin care brand promises energized and youthful skin with regular use of this light textured, marine scented refreshing moisturizing cream. The original secret ingredients of Cream de la Mer are intact only packaged in a new softer texture. Go ahead and pamper you skin, feel radiant and divine just like you felt using other La Mer products. And pick this especially designed product for those who don’t like the heavy and dense feel of regular moisturizers and prefer soft and luxurious touch. La Mer The Moisturizing Cream Review


La Mer is one of the premium brands in skin care and price ranges are on the expensive side, this products costs $169.99. Even then the company is one of the sought after brand with regular uses and is very popular among women. Known as one of the best products with anti-aging effects and makes the price justified for that glow and renewed young look. The emphasis on rich ingredients, on sensory effects, including texture, appearance, skin touch and scent makes this new product a good deal, although it may seem over priced for many others.


The packaging is distinct to make it stand out and easily recognizable. A square green stand holds the jar and comes with a white spatula that is usually kept below the jar. To apply is straight from the jar is not advisable, and you need to warm up the cream between your palms and you will see that the cream changes fro white to clear appearance. You can now apply this cream gently on your face.


It is the constant attempt of Le Mer to ensure that their products enjoy the patronage of its regular users but also expands the product lines to taste and needs with time. Over the years in the various moisturising products range, the only difference that comes in each of the La Mer powerful skin care products is that of texture. The company pays extra attention and has unique formulas and textures available in the skin care portfolio that can transform every complexion. La Mer The Moisturizing Cream ReviewThe latest edition of the moisturizing cream marks itself from the other by its light and fluffy texture. In daily wear especially daytime make-up most women prefer a light cream that replenishes moisture as it penetrates the skin and transforms the skin even in bright sun to look energized and radiant. This is much loved by those who found the original cream too thick or hard to distribute over the skin. Although the earlier versions worked well during winters as the heavy cream gave a protective shield, it was the summers that kept them away.


The cream has a fresh fragrance of marine that many may find better than the original cream. This adds to the feeling of soft, hydrated skin that needs regular nourishment. If you regularly face redness or itching with moisturizing cream then you should try this cream as it keeps you smelling good and keeps your skin so supple and happy that you don’t have to use anything else! La Mer The Moisturizing Cream Review


The revolutionary new formula has the magical powers of the patented nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™ for the effective skin regeneration and transformation that La Mer is popular for. Its unique formula acts deeply within the skin and strengthens it with regular usage. Developed 40 years ago, this seaborne extract was first used in skin care products by Dr Max Huber who was aerospace physicist. He developed the original cream to help heal the scars he had suffered in a lab accident. The newly added ingredient of Moisturizing Spheres makes this product different. The ingredient that puts this apart from the others is its old formula of sea nutrients that has presence of vitamins C, E and B12 and oils of citrus, eucalyptus and alfalfa, the Miracle Broth™ helps soothe irritation and calm the look of redness. La Mer The Moisturizing Cream ReviewThe new cream also has punch of concentrated with powerful anti-oxidant properties of Lime Tea Extract™ works to neutralize free radicals and help protect the skin from external assaults, allowing the skin to focus on renewal and repair.All the good side of your skin gets back to brighten your face from others and offers rich yet weightless texture of the Moisturizing Cream.


It comes with an innovative advanced absorption technology of moisturizing spheres that allows the new formula to penetrate deeply replenishing moisture and strengthening skin. This is the latest breakthrough technology in La Mer science. It is in these encapsulated multi-layered structures that the Miracle Broth™ and Lime Tea Extract™ melt layer by layer to release powerful anti-oxidants. La Mer The Moisturizing Cream ReviewA clinical test of the product showed immediate improvement of skin moisture by up to 70 percent in the use of after 8 weeks with 65 percent improvement in visible lift. The skin looked fresh and radiant like never before. It is this effect of the cream that women are ready to spend money on this product because they know it’s worth an investment. The cult of La Mer Cream has only seen more people using the product and with the new lighter moisturizing cream it’s only going to get stronger.


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Shelf Life (months) 24 Skin Type dry, normal-dry, normal, sensitive
SPF Empty Effect hydrating, moisturizing, repairing
Weight Empty Volume 60ml
Country Code FR

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