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La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

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The ultimate in hydration and firming action, La prairie skin caviar Luxe Cream is luxury pampering for your skin. This face cream proven effect transforms your dull and dry skin to a refresh, energies and brings that glow on your face. The lavish protein-rich caviar indulgence improves elasticity and gives silk smoothness. La prairie skin caviar Luxe Cream  (1) The unprecedented concentration of alpha hydroxyl acids, unique sea proteins and caviar extracts makes this cream ideal for daily use to keep your skin firm and age-defying beauty. It was La Prairie that discovered the superpowers of caviar as an ingredient for skin care. What began as a moisturizing cream with firming effect now is a beauty revolution that comes naturally with caviar as an ingredient.


La Prairie is a high-end skin care range found at luxury department stores. The product is although incredibly expensive, $238 for 1.7oz, it is a value for money. It does all that your moisturizer, skin tightening and anti-ageing– in one pack. You don’t need to apply large volume of cream and a little would do for the day. You can manage for longer time with less. Don’t keep it away for the exorbitant price but be assured that the results are fantastic! It is an up-scale moisturizing cream for all skin types and age groups.


It has a creamy texture and is a perfect blend of ingredients that offer a great moisturising experience. The skin caviar gives a feeling of smoother, silkier and firmer to touch. An all-in-one cream gently apply after cleansing and toning, apply to face, neck, and décolleté. Avoid eye area.


La prairie is known for its signature floral smell. A small application of this cream gives a fresh floral smell. The ingredients used by La Prairie include that of the arnica, marigold and sage that apart from giving the unique fragrance that soothe the skin. La prairie skin caviar Luxe Cream  (5)


The hydrating, nourishing and energizing cream has scientifically picked moisture binders that help skin hold in water. The use of floral extracts gives a smoothening effect and coenzyme Q10 offers antioxidant protection. This product will lift and firm your skin. La prairie skin caviar Luxe Cream also contains antioxidants, an alpha hydroxyl acid complex, and rich moisturizers. All these make this classic cream that has not compromised on quality to maintain its original formula from the time it was first manufactured in 1993, and makes women around the world loyally. It is popular for its rich and distinct floral fragrance and unmistakably luxurious feel.


As the name suggests, this high end skin care product enjoys the love and following of many women across the globe due to its unique mix of ingredients that make for a magical concoction that transform your skin and look dramatically. The cream has caviar extracts, a source of marine DNA that nourishes the skin with nucleic acid, vitamin, proteins and phospholipids to increase skin’s firmness.The caviar extracts have a powerful dose of omega 3s that is well known to accelerate the skin’s antioxidant level of defense. La prairie skin caviar Luxe Cream  (4) The firmness that comes on the skin after application of the cream has a scientific formula. There are scientifically processed seaweed protein and malt extract that help promote skin’s firmness and it is the chemical presence of polyglucuronic acid and addition of therapeutic algae extracts from the sea that help stimulate your surface skin firmness and keep them supple a long. The use of targeted, yet gentle AHA’s smoothens skin to give a refined and radiant look.


It is available in two jars of 1.7 oz and 3.4oz packed in its signature cobalt blue and silver jar, this skin care essential comes with a little silver "caviar" spoon. This is packed in a matching silver box to enhance the glam look of the cream and make it easy for you to gift it to your friends and colleagues. The ingredients are tightly packed and ensure that from the moment of application, your complexion will look radiantly divine. The very potent and long lasting fragrance typical of most of the La Prairie products is also intact. La prairie skin caviar Luxe Cream  (3) This multi-tasking formula provides 24-hour hydration. This La Lrairie cream is said to treat all seven signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, sagging, dark under-eye circles, puffiness and dryness surrounding the eyes. So even you are over 50 and still have very oily and wrinkles on the skin, try this crème during the day or even overnight gently tab it full all over the face. It absorbs very well and gives a hydration, smooth and texture to the skin. This is an ultimate luxurious personal pampering that can be your favourite pick for firming and lifting because your skin needs the best to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day at work.


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Shelf Life (months) 12 Skin Type dry, normal-dry, normal
SPF Empty Effect hydrating, moisturizing, anti-winkle, lifting, firming, repairing
Weight Empty Volume 50ml
Country Code SZ

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