MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 plus ReviewMAGIX (, a German-based Software Company, has been creating software applications for editing and handling images, audios and videos since the early 90's.They put together MOVIE Edit Pro, and the software was published in 2001 for the PC platform. As amongst the top video editing software in Germany, the company follows the principle of non-linearity and non-destructiveness which doesn’t modify the original content, but the software compiles edits. The software released its 18th updated version in 2015 which increased the features roster already available in the previous updates of the software.

Interface & Editing Tools

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus ReivewIn 2015, two versions were released by the developing team of MAGIX AG; i. e. Movie Edit 2015 and Movie Edit Plus/Premium. The software allows timeline oriented alteration. A scintillating feature of the software is its freely modifiable Graphical User Interface (GUI). MAGIX Movie Edit Pro lets you edit or work with almost 100 soundtracks, which is greater than the number of soundtracks available in nearly every application offered in its price range and even above its price radius. Noise drop and the capability to pixelate parts of the display or the entire screen are some of the high-end features of the software.While, many fun filters and edits are available for people who are learning or even want to play with the software with home produced movies and videos.

Ease of Use

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus ReivewMAGIX claimed that their newly released version of the Movie Edit Pro MX Plus is 30% faster when compared to its predecessor in terms of loading, editing and exporting the file. However, when the software was released and comparisons began tumbling in on the World Wide Web, users found that instead of being faster, the new version lacked the older speed and was roughly 15 to 18% slower than its predecessor in performing the mentioned tasks. Being slower not only degrades the efficiency of video editing, but also fails the software while compared to other softwares. The software might be a feature packed, but patience and high-end system specifications are required rather than just skills.

Sharing Options

MOVIE Edit Pro has the capability of exporting video files with extensions like AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and a few more. The Plus and Premium (upgraded) versions have an option to export audio files in 5.1 Surround Sound while the primary versions support WAV and MP3 exports only. The software has the capability to upload videos to YouTube in FULL HD without degrading the quality. The same function is available for Vimeo, another famous video sharing platform.

Price Value

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 ReviewMOVIE Edit Pro MXbasic version costs around $100 at maximum while it can be bought at cheaper prices across different e-retailers. If the amount of features and assets of the software is compared to another video editing softwares available in the market, the same rosters of features are not available in less than two times its price. The upgraded version yields even more features and advancements to work with which makes it a win-win situation for the user. The price published is a high-end bargain, and online shopping, festivals may take it even more downhill.

Community& training

Searching ‘MAGIX Forum’ on Google will produce enough results for the user to realize that there are enough members of the MAGIX community to make a separate city. An extensive number of guides, walk-throughs, and training videos are available for the users to explore and learn. The most interesting is the active forums that are official MAGIX forums, that enable the editor to stay connected with other users, as well as official MAGIX community creators and managers.

Customer support

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus ReivewMAGIX provides a constant and fast customer support to its buyers and software users. Knowledge guides or FAQ’s are available on the official website to let the user find if the issue faced by them is a general problem or not, or it has been answered or solved previously or not. The customer support is also available via mail and calling.


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