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OneDrive was recently known as Live Mesh is no more, even though it was rolled into operation by Microsoft. Live Mesh was taken over by SkyDrive and now is OneDrive. OneDrive online file storage services enables file synchronization application by Microsoft to allow files and folders between multiple computers be in synchronize with each other on the windows system.


When Microsoft is the service provider, security must be stringent enough to keep any kind of malware, spyware, Trojan worms, or malicious hackers from preying on users’ accounts. The company professes that it keeps files and folders in OneDrive safe through a variety of ways. But users must be careful enough to place only shared documents or files they want to share in the Public folder. One placed in the shared folder, only the eligible people will be able to view it. Data is never lost when one stores or uploads them to OneDrive. Microsoft keeps a number of copies of the files in various locations – different servers and drives. So, if one gets lost, the other is there as a backup. Users also must know how to keep their accounts safe from prying eyes. The Microsoft data center for security and compliance specifies top security solutions, how to secure OneDrive by managing the files and folders, and more. The account holders must also create a ‘strong’ password and provide security information to the account in case the account is ‘hacked’ by a hacker. OneDrive also ensures that the users use a two-step verification process to protect the account in case they are connecting to an unknown device. In short, encrypted and monitored, OneDrive is highly secured cloud service provider.

Share & Access and File Control

A Microsoft service, OneDrive is naturally acceptable to all Windows operating system. This service-based utility is also accessible to iOS, Android, and Xbox. In fact, there are useful apps which can be easily downloaded to sync the data stored in cloud account with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The service provider wanted to keep the data, say photos, music or videos all within the user’s reach at any point of time. So, it has made the service compatible with new operating systems, such as Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 as well as into new utilities, such as Office. In short, sharing is done across all platforms. The user has the final control over sharing or not sharing the data. The mechanism is simple where the user needs to remove permissions for accessibility or remove permissions to deny access to other people. There is also an option to sync photos taken from an Android-based gizmo to the Cloud storage account with just a single click. Video transcoding ensures videos recording in a digital camera or camcorder is stored and viewed easily. The files can also be shared seamlessly.


OneDrive is quite affordable. The basic plan is a free one where users can store up to 7GB of data. In fact, this is not all. If the user refers a friend to take up the service, he or she bags 5GB free storage option as a gift from Microsoft. Users, who use cloud as a camera backup feature, will get 3GB free storage option. Once all these options are used up and the account holder still requires space, it can be purchased at $1.99 per month for 100GB extra space. They need to pay $3.99 per month when 200GB of space is taken up. The paid Business Plan is meant for storing work files. One TB storage option is offered at $2.50 per user per month. For extra space, the user needs to provide $0.20 per GB. The Business plan owners will also get business-class email account ID, web conferencing, Active Directory integration, eDiscovery center, and Enterprise Social – entire suite of Office for the desktop utility.

Customer Support

As expected Microsoft has a dedicated support services. Various information, tips, tutorials, and more are offered at its support center. Users can get useful suggestions from its detailed knowledge base. For any query, there are customer care helpers.


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