Nero Video 2015

Nero Video 2015

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Nero Video 2015 ReviewNero ( has been trying to break the shackles of uniformity in the video editing division of their softwares. Nero Video is yet another creation of Nero to create a name of its video editor in the market with a number of differences from the high or low end video editors available in the market launched by other big names. Nero Video 2015 is the latest version of the Nero Video family that is creating a buzz among the video editors.

Interface & Editing Tools

Nero Video 2015 ReviewNero Video’s newest update presents the users, the ability to work with multi tracks and some over the top animation themes and editing tools like the picture tool. The interface, however, degrades the quality of the software with the lethargy approach during the start up process, thus slowing down the application. The softwares and the tools are not incorporated properly, which tends to waste time in finding the right tool for editing. The software even supports the 4K Ultra HD video format with an option to rope in Nero Video stabilizer that is an excellent tool with the function that its name suggests. Over 100 new effects are added in the update that includes both audio and video effects to create beautiful masterpieces from conventional videos and pictures.

Ease of Use

Nero Video 2015 ReviewThe video editor has a major drawback which bugs the user every time they open the software to prove their mettle in video editing and that is the delay caused by the software to provide the users with the effects and editing tools. The software, when opened, leads to a screen that wants the user to make a choice of their desired task, like capturing a movie, editing video and other options like that. Once the decision has been achieved, there is still a delay to provide the user with the effects. It might be useful for amateurs and newcomers, but professionals may consider this wastage of time and money. The rest of the software is pretty easy to use. A timeline view that can be switched to story mode is present along with rather standard looking menu options. The problems with effect options scattered all around the screen do generate room for error repeatedly.

Sharing Options

As of of the best video editing software tool, Nero Video brings the feature of ‘Geotagging’, it means enabling the user to stack and store pictures and videos sorted by their locations. Automatic transcoding helps the user to play and watch all their files on TV and other media-friendly devices. Nero gifted the users with an app to share their precious creations on their smartphones. Nero has an edge as it can even stream and play Ultra HD 4K videos on the user desired and connectable screens.

Price Value

Nero Video 2015 ReviewThe software is priced around the 65$ mark which is pretty less for video softwares released by big budget and profit, companies. With all the features lined up in a software, It is cheap, and a must have for an editor be it novice or professional.

Community & Training

Nero Forum is the biggest mode of support to the people who want to learn the usage of Nero Video. When a company provides you with an app that contains all the essential things to learn about software, you know that the company pays attention to details. Numerous guides and projects related to the software are available on the official or unofficial forums and groups present online which are increasing as time goes by.

Customer support

Nero Video 2015 ReviewNero has been a firm that caters to the needs of its clients and provides swift and efficient customer support. Both technical support and manual support are provided by the company to help the users facing problems in their products. Frequently Asked Questions is regularly updated to keep the users from getting hyperventilated for the minor problems.


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