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Peter Thomas Roth Aloe Tonic Mist

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Editor Review


I am a lady well into my 50s, my skin is not like it was in my 30s, even a month ago it used to look lifeless and it started showing the signs of aging. I knew I needed something else with my moisturizer, it was not enough anymore. I am not a fan of using toner, I hate the smell of alcohol in it, and also my skin goes dry after using a toner, it becomes rough. But recently I heard that skin also needs toner along with moisturizer, its part of the nutritious diet for healthy skin. I thought about this and asked my beautician if she knows any toner that comes without the smell of alcohol. She is the one who suggested me Peter Thomas Roth Aloe Tonic Mist. PETER THOMAS ROTH ALOE TONIC MIST (2)I am glad I asked her, it’s a great toner, the problems I have with most toner does not exist with this product. I am using this product for a month now, and so far I already noticed a vast change in my appearance. I can’t believe I am actually a regular toner user now.


This product considering what it does to your skin is very cheap, its only $19.99 for 8.5 fluid ounce bottle, and this small bottle lasts for a long time. So as I said it’s a great buy. I also figured out it causes much less than Botox. So I don’t mind the price at all.


This product comes in a tranparent bottle which is very pretty to look at. The bottle has an air tight cap, and it looks very higenic, I love when I can see the product I am going to use from outside, feels honest to me somehow, like there is nothing bad to hide. PETER THOMAS ROTH ALOE TONIC MIST (3)


The texture is water based and clear, you have to just spray it on your face.


This mist has absolutely no smell, the reason I have fallen in love with this product from the first use, forget the toners that come with strong uncomfortable chemical smell , time for this new age mist which makes you feel like you are spraying cool water in your face. PETER THOMAS ROTH ALOE TONIC MIST (1)


This product is part of my daily routine now. First of all it is extremly easy to use, you just have to cover your eyes and spray it on your face and done. It will start working its magic on your face. It feels very refreshing, like splashing your face with cold water, I use this every morning, and I feel like this takes away my fatigue and makes me energetic. After only one use you will see the difference, unlike ordinary toners this product does not make skin dry, it actually hydrates the skin. It also does not burn like other toners. After I strated using this mist regularly I am noticing the dark spots in my face are getting lighter, another noticable change is that I don’t have oily T-zone in my face anymore. I also use to suffer from blackheads in the morning, and the skin over my nose use to be hard, these two problems are also gone. My skin always glows be it day or night, I also use this only one time in 24 hours. So it’s an easy routine to follow and not at all time consuming. I love touching my skin these days as it feels very soft. PETER THOMAS ROTH ALOE TONIC MIST (4)


This product has vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, I feel like this is the best healthy diet my skin ever had, and because of that my skin is getting toned. But jokes apart this mist has aloe vera which is an amazing ingredient itself and I know this from the smell that this mist does not have any alcohol .This mist also has pro vitamin b5 in it. I love Peter Thomas Roth Aloe Tonic Mist a lot, I can’t even think about spending a single day without this product. I don’t even call it a toner, I call this is a food which my skin needs every day to maintain its health. I found my confidence back after using this product, I used to feel shame because my skin always used to look dull and lifeless, but now its always looks fresh and glowing. I got my original skin color back, it was getting darker because of my love for getting a good sun tan, I also don’t see blemishes, and dark spots on my skin anymore. Not just me the fact that my teen daughter told me that mom you are looking so much younger these days and it assured me that I am right about this mist, this actually does wonders for skin, even at my age.


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