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Pinnacle Studio HD

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Pinnacle-Studio-HD3-1Pinnacle Studio is a prodigy of the minds of the developers at Pinnacle Systems. Pinnacle Studio is a video editing application that allows the user to edit videos post their production. The software has had 8 updated versions in over ten years. Pinnacle Studio 9 was the debutant in the series and Pinnacle Studio 18 is the latest version of the software, released in end 2014.

Interface & Editing Tools

Pinnacle-Studio-HD3-2Pinnacle Studio HD is another branch of the Studio tree which offers its services in HD editing of videos with a lot more advancements when compared to the traditional studio. Studio HD has made its name in the field of modern video editing with its advanced features and a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). Studio HD steals the show by its features like HD editing of video files, allowing the editor to edit High Definition and High-Quality videos quickly while retaining the quality. 80 Mosaic themes and Hollywood-styled animations to add to the videos enhance the quality, as well as editing value. However, the preeminent feature delivered to the users is to fix rickety and noisy camera shots with the technology used in high-end motion pictures.

Ease of use

Pinnacle Studio HD ReviewPinnacle Systems has always been prominent of one thing, making their software's easy to use so that the user does not end up looking for walkthroughs for each and every editing option of the software throughout the internet. The softwares support a vibrant and easy to use GUI, which enables the user to work and edit freely and easily. The tabbed approach of the developers that list most features as a list in tabs still works for their favour, and it permits amateurs to get the hold of the video editing category.

Sharing Options

Studio HD contents the user to share their edits directly to DVD for burning and even allows them to upload the videos to YouTube and other areas of the internet in high quality. When a software gives you several export options like DVD, AVCHD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, AVI, Windows Media, SVCD, Flash file, MPEGs and exports for MP3, PS3, Wii, and Xbox, then you know that its one of a kind.Luckily, Studio HD does not compromise with video and audio quality while exporting to any of the stated extensions. Even the prominence of videos created for YouTube and internet uploads is preserved by the software’s interface.

Price Value

Pinnacle Studio HD ReviewPinnacle Studio HD is a bargain for what it is being sold at, and the latest version of Studio HD, Pinnacle Studio HD 15 is considered as one of the best video editing softwares in its price group. The basic version costs around $50 which can be upgraded to the ultimate version with all the features for a little over $130. If the list of its features and assets is compared with other editing applications in the same price frame, it is a substantial snip to purchase.

Community & Training

Pinnacle has a considerably large amount of users and fans on the internet, and many communities in its name exist which help users by solving their problems.Pinnacle has its official technical support forum to share ideas and solve the user’s problems. Project videos and tutorials are easily available on the internet and YouTube with which users can understand in detail or brief how exactly a feature of the software works. Pinnacle Studio HD courses are also quite popular on the internet that teach the students what is all there is to know about the software for a nominal fee. If the person does not wish to pay to learn, there are a swarm of websites that provide free learning material to students for many types of software including the Studio HD.

Customer Support

Pinnacle Studio HD ReviewPinnacle Systems provide fast customer support for the problems faced by the users. A knowledgebase is created for the users to view all the general problems other users have encountered over the years so that the new users don’t have to wait for Pinnacle to respond if and when they face a problem. It comprises of general problems like Installation errors or missing files and even the list of supported Pinnacle products. User manuals created by the firm are also available for download that are user-friendly while being informative. If everything fails, there is the option to contact the technical support of the Pinnacle Systems to get the problem solved.


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