Roxio Creator NXT 3

Roxio Creator NXT 3

By: Roxio
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Roxio Creator NXT 3 Review Roxio ( Creator NXT 3 is the latest release from Roxio Inc. This video editor is a digital suite of creative tools for image, audio and video editing. This is an all in one solution with many components. Each component can act as separate software. The video editor allows you to edit and publish images, audio and video online.

Interface & Editing Tools

Roxio Creator NXT 3 Review VideoWave is the editing engine of the software. It is a basic editor with all common editing functionalities like cropping; footage trimming, adjusting clip speed, adjusting contrast and brightness, etc. The software has several hundreds of transition effects that enhance the footage giving a unique feel and look to the video. VideoWave allows you to switch from storyboard mode to timeline mode and vice-versa. Broad stroke edits are done in the storyboard mode. In the timeline mode, granular tweak edits are done. Each and every time changes are made; modes are switched and are auto saved. This is one of the versatile features of the software that preserves the changes. The music editor of the software helps you in creating the soundtracks needed for the video tracks. Scorefitter is a feature of the music editor that allows you to access effects and royalty free songs that can be included in the movie without any licensing. The music editor enables you to edit multiple images at a single moment. It helps in restoring old photos. You can make a sweeping vista with the picture combination feature in the music editor. Sharing of collages in social media is simple and straightforward. The photo editor in the software is helpful in the video editing process, enhancing the use of still images in the video. The image editing application is used in getting the right images to make your video. After all, editing is done; you can upload your video directly to social media like Facebook and YouTube from the editor itself. You can get a backup of your work readily with the disc burning tool available with the software.

Ease of use

Roxio Creator NXT 3 ReviewThis software is known over the years for its flexible and basic nature. The ease of use of the application makes it very popular among the starters who do not have much knowledge of video editing. The user interface of the video editor is interactive and approachable for a casual user. Users not familiar with video editing and its features can easily use this video editing software to edit their images, music and video.

Sharing Options

Roxio creator is based on windows operating system. The most recent version, Roxio Creator NXT 3 works best with Microsoft Windows 8. The software Roxio Creator is compatible with all versions of windows. Intel Pentium processor or similar AMD processor preferable with a 2 GB RAM is essential for speed performance of editing and burning. Direct X 9.0c is needed for a superior performance. The software supports most of the video and audio formats including MPEG, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP3, audio CD, WAV, AAC, MP4, and WMA, etc. All image formats including GIF, JPG, 3D MPO, TIF, PNG, and BMP, etc. are supported.

Price Value

Roxio Creator NXT 3 ReviewThe Roxio Creator NXT 3 full version is priced at $99.99. Live capture feature by recording the videos directly from the screen and editing them is possible. It is a fast way to make video presentations. Fastflick enables you to create a movie in just three steps. Video conversion is done to preferred format and playback on the PlayStation, iPad, Xbox, iPod, etc. These features make it real value for money.

Community & Training

Roxio Creator reviews are published on several review websites, making it popular among the users. The company offers training in using the application in the form of tutorials in its website There are several training videos on YouTube about the various features of the software. The help section in the software can guide a novice in using the software.

Customer Support

Roxio Creator NXT 3 ReviewCustomer support is readily available in the website of the company with online chats. The support staff of the company can be accessed through toll-free numbers anytime. For the convenience of the users, online chat is available to clarify the doubts and queries. Alternatively, customers can email their queries to the support team. They will respond quickly.


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