Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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Editor Review


Earlier, there used to be many innovations in the smartphone’s basic design. There was an alphanumeric keypad, QWERTY keypad, folding phone, sliding phone, etc. From a couple of years, however, every new phone that is launched in the market had almost similar features. See more smartphone reviews here. There is a big touch screen that covers most of the area on the phone, slim body, high-resolution rear camera, powerful processor, decent storage and just enough battery backup. Nothing new was coming into the market. Samsung stirred things a little bit with its Galaxy S6 Edge. The curved edge screen is something no one expected from Samsung, especially after so many failures, like S5. It is really hard to say whether it will make an impact or not. A closer look at its features and specifications might help us decide. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Taking all its features into account, its low price is completely genuine. You will never feel like you paid more than it deserves.


S6 Edge looks nothing like any other Samsung phone, and it’s not just the curved screen that makes it different. The company didn’t make another cheap attempt to make the plastic body look like metal by painting it so. This time they went metallic. S6 Edge has Aluminium alloy on its sides. It gives you a feeling of toughness. The front side of the phone is covered with Gorilla Glass 4, but so are most of the other top phones in the market. That’s why Samsung took it a step further by covering the back with same glass too. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review   The power and volume buttons are on the opposite sides. It is good news for those who generally get confused between these buttons. Even, if the buttons being on the same side were not a problem for you, opposite positioning could be really convenient for you. The home button and the two soft keys are also really nice. They are neither too soft nor too hard, as was the problem in some of the previous phones of this company. Overall size of the phone is 142.1 x 70.1 x 7.0 mm and the weight is just 132gm. The slim design of some phones makes them feel brittle, but not S6 Edge. Its shape and the metallic edge make it real solid, both in feel and appearance. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge The curved screen is the most prominent factor in its design. Many people had made the decision of buying this phone as soon as they heard about the screen. But when you use it, you don’t really see the point. In fact, you do not need to use it for that. Just think about what purpose a curved screen could serve. Sure it looks cool, but that’s pretty much it. It might, however, become problematic while operating it with one hand, as other parts of your hand might touch the edge of the screen when you try to touch somewhere else with your thumb. Other features of the screen are completely stunning. The 5.1 inch size is appropriate, neither big nor small. Its resolution is highest in the market, which produces the sharpest picture. The TouchWiz UI has also been improved by Samsung.

Internal Specs

Processor of this phone has eight cores and 64-bit architecture, same as S6. It is the most powerful processor in the market today. You will be able to get a flawless operation. 3GB RAM is capable more than enough to run the heaviest games available in the play store without even slightest lag. The GPU makes sure that you get an extremely clear image on its QHD screen.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge has a slightly higher capacity battery than S6 but is still pretty lower than previous phones or other phones of this range. S6 Edge has 2600mAh while other phones have around the 2800mAh battery. You can get up to 13.5 hours of talk time on S6 Edge, which is not good but is tolerable. It will last a whole day with normal usage, and that’s just enough.


Samsung Galaxy S6 The 16-megapixel camera is among the best in the market. Resolution is obviously great, but other aspects are also very good. It starts up in less than a second. The auto focus is really fast. You will enjoy taking images with it. It works fine even in low light.


It has got the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. All sorts of connectivity technologies are available. Some of them are EDGE, NFC, Wi-Fi, etc. Wireless charging is also available.


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Model number sm-925F Date First Available 2015-06-29
CPU A57 RAM (MB) 32000
Storage (MB) 0 Screen Size 5.1 inches
Battery Life Empty Camera 16MP
Color Empty Dimensions 5.6 x 0.3 x 2.8
Weight 4.6 ounces Resolution Empty
Country Code KR

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