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Sony Alpha SLT-A99

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Sony Alpha SLT-A99 was first announced in 2012, it was the first full frame DSLT of Sony’s product line. Join with the A99, Sony has its digital camera products covered from entry-level compact camera to pro DSLR camera. This Japanese manufacturer also brings some different experience of shooting for the profession photographers, gives them more choices besides the ‘ Big Two’. Sony has three core techniques in the digital images: Exmor CMOS sensor, BIONZ image processor and the G lens. As the A99 was aimed at the high-end DLSR market, which is still dominated by the ‘big two’, the A99 must has some speciality to stand out from other rivals. The A99 features a unique dual chip AF system that offers more precise subjects tracking along with its 6 fps continuous shooting, and the 24Mp Exmor CMOS sensor has been upgraded to provides more light-sensitive photosite, and the new BIONZ processor has a faster processing to offer 14-bit RAW files. Altogether, the A99 will have a increase on the still image shooting. Sony Alpha 99 Review

Sony Alpha 99 Review on Features

  • 24MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Dual chip AF system with 19 AF points
  • 14-bit RAW output
  • Pull-out three-hinge RGBW LCD screen(Tilt/swivel)
  • AF Micro Adjust
  • Built-in GPS
  • Weatherproof body design

Design and Performance of Sony Alpha 99

The major different that tells the A99 from other DSLRs, is that the A99 actually can be called as a SLT (Single Lens Translucent), this kind of camera has a electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one. The A99 has a semi-transparent mirror to replace the old flip out mirror, and there is a DSLR-style phase-detection autofocus sensor above the mirror, which means the autofocus and live view can always be active, which makes up the shortage of a conventional 19-point AF system.Sony has given the A99 a magnesium-alloy shell with some rubber covered, which makes the camera feel comfortable at hand, and along with a enlarged hand grip, the A99 can be easily control even in a girl’s hand. The A99 has a unique articulated rear LCD screen in the full frame DSLRs. This articulated LCD can move tilt/swivel, instead of a fixed LCD, the articulated LCD can offers an impressively wide range of movement, allowing you to comfortably capture some awkward viewing positons and protecting the LCD when not use.The A99 has an hotshoe on the top, which allows for adapter-free use of third party accessories. This hotshoe can be use for external Flashgun, microphone or wireless module.The SLT-A99 is quick and responsive in almost every facet of its operation, it is reality worthy for it cost. The external controls are placed logically, you will find the bottoms right on the place you want it to be. And because for the SLT design, the camera doesn’t need to wait for the mirror to flip out of the way before exposure, which means the camera can capture frames at the maximum speed. The A99 allows to adjust exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and metering methods,aperture and record levels quietly during video capture, this feature can be very welcome for the movie makers.The battery life may be a shortcoming of the SLT-A99, the battery can offer a 500 shots per charge, compared with other high-end DSLR, the A99 does not have a longe work time.

Image Quality of Sony Alpha 99

The A99 gives very good image quality compared to the other full frame cameras. And the 24Mp resolution is now a leading trend to cover all the entry-level to higher-end DSLR. The image can stay clean until ISO 12800, which starts to appear some noise in image. And the multi-shot HDR mode offers JPEG shooters a useful tool to capture images with clean details that exceeds single-shot capability. Sony Alpha 99 Review

Price Value

As the top level performer from Sony, the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 has proved its quality. However, since it has been on the market for almost 2 years, compared to its main rivals--Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Nikon D800, it is quite a valuable profession DSLR.

Customer Support and Community

The cons and pros of SLT-A99 comes quite the same. Customers are satisfied with the electronic viewfinder, which can extremely increase the picture capture, but the biggest cons of the A99 also come from this, as the electronic viewfinder will consumers a lot of power, so the A99 has a shortage of short battery life than the tradition DLSR.


There are a lot reasons to like the Sony SLT-A99, it is a camera that combines good image quality, also offers a high degree of camera customization and ergonomically well-designed control lay-out. With the full frame quality, excellent video quality, weatherproof body design, the photographer will have no regret to own this Sony SLT-A99. Good for: Profession Photographer


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Model number Empty Magapixels 24.3
Auto Focus Points 19 Sensor Size Full Frame
Maximun Shutter Speed 1/8000 Shooting Speed 8fps
Maximum ISO 25600 Viewfinder Coverage 100
Shoots per battery 500 Build in Flash No
Build in WIFI No Video Recording Yes
Articulated LCD Screen Yes Live view mode Yes
Memory Card Slot 2 Microphone Yes
GPS Tagging Capability No Environmentally sealed Yes
Weight 812 g Dimensions 147 mm x 111 mm x 78 mm
Screen Size 3″ Color Empty
Date First Available 2015-06-25 Country Code JP

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