Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD

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Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Review Sony ( Vegas Movie Studio HD 13 is the latest version of the simplified video editing software. It has now become a familiar aspect to shooting movies in smartphones. This software helps in editing any video and making it into a proper movie and is designed for people with a passion for video editing. It is the least expensive software in its segment, is affordable and filled with great amazing features.

Interface & Editing Tools

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Review 3D editing, camera support and surround sound mixing are the essential features of this software. The features of DVD and Blue-ray authoring are removed in the latest version as they have become obsolete. The primary focus is on web-based sharing videos and videos from networked Televisions. Serious video editors can use the software to make high-quality movies. Movie Studio is a powerful editing tool with a streamlined workflow. The software contains a vast array of audio and video effects. You can learn the art of movie making in this software by adding music and titles to the video. Transitions and color corrections are done in an easy manner. The movie studio has all the features of a powerful video editor. You can use the software to create new music soundtracks without any noise. Controlling audio volume, removing unwanted noise, editing, live video, recording and panning with track envelopes is some of the music editing features of the software. You can start creating the movie by adding photos in the timeline. Dragging and dropping files are an easy option and is one of the main features of the software. You can rearrange the videos in any order quickly in the timeline. The latest version of the Movie Studio has come with touch option to edit videos. You can touch on the videos, drag and drop them on the timeline and edit it. Video editing is the primary function of the software and you can personalize the videos with animations, scrolling credits, text animations, and pictures, etc. Video reversal feature is unique to this software. You can make the video play fast and slow in forward and backward directions. Green screen, embedding a picture inside another picture, and other advanced effects can be made in the software. Movie magic option helps to add flair to the movies by adding transitions, built in dissolves, wipes, and stylish text, etc. Stylish transitions can be made while shifting scenes and movies can be made shinier. You can make personalized text animate in an elegant manner in the video. Color Correction and Image restoration tools are value additions. Real time effects option in the software allows you to select from more than 500 text transitions. Most of the companies use these text, transitions as advertisements in their videos.

Ease of use

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD ReviewThe user interface is simple and easy. Truncation,clip ordering, adding text and applying transitions are easy. You can quickly upload the edited videos to YouTube directly from the software at a resolution of 1080 pixels. Sharing of movies is done at a finger touch in the software. The touch feature of the software makes it easy to use the software.

Sharing Options

This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8. A 2 GHZ processor with 2 GB RAM is required for rendering the videos in the software quickly. Importing of videos and photos from camcorders, smart phones, and DSLR cameras is simple. The software supports various file formats including AAC, CDA, JPEG, MP3, MPEG, WMV, WMA, WAV, AA3, PNG, BMP, GIF, PCA, and AVI, etc. The importing, exporting and sharing options are simple in this software.

Price Value

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD ReviewThe Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 13 software is priced at $49.95. This is the lowest price for such software in its segment. This software offers excellent value for money with enough features. You can quickly render and upload the videos to the web, save the videos on your mobile phone and take a backup of the copy in a DVD using the software.

Community & Training

The website contains the” Show Me How” tutorials. These tutorials give an overview of the primary functions. Detailed explanation on each of the functions is also available in the tutorial. Expert reviews Company has rated the software at a premium level. This review website forms a community where related people interact and discuss the features of the software.

Customer Support

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD ReviewThe help bubbles in the software provide additional assistance to you. The support team can be contacted through the website. An exclusive support team is present to clarify the doubts and queries of the customers.


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