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SpiderOak Review Launched in in 2007 SpiderOak (www.spideroak.com) is one such Cloud service provider that professes ‘zero knowledge’ guarantee. SpiderOak enables users to keep the backup file safe the application level transactions are managed by the company which ensures that files taken as backup are not corrupt.


In no way can any outsider, whether the government, employee at SpiderOak, or a hacker can access files uploaded, downloaded, or stored in Cloud account that is managed by SpiderOak. The software hacking tools, such as Trojan worms, virus-laced software, malware, or spyware cannot also enter the encrypted area. This condition is what SpiderOak means by ‘Zero Knowledge’which the service provider guarantees this security. Incredibly, it not only encrypts data before the files leaves the original computer, it also encrypts the web browser so that passwords cannot be transmitted and hackers are not able to tweak the browser technology. SpiderOak uses Javascript that changes password code to cryptic algorithm before sending the file to SpiderOak’s data center. Being one of the best online cloud storage, SpiderOak never gets the plain version of the password but an encrypted version of the same. So, neither the employees nor any hacker will be able to decipher the code. In case the user’s browser does not accept Javascript, the usual activation code is sent to authenticate the account. The Cloud-based password manager, Encryptr works efficient to keep data safe. SpiderOak system is fault-tolerant. This signifies that even if the hardware of the user’s PC is corrupt or there is a power failure, SpiderOak system will be able to take the backup and keep the backup file safe. The application level transactions are managed by SpiderOak which ensures that files taken as backup are not corrupt.

Share & Access and File Control

SpiderOak Review Once files are uploaded in Cloud, sharing or retrieving data can be done from anywhere. The cloud service provider allows users to connect to any gadget, such as PC, Mac, tablet, smartphones, ipads, or iphones. It can sync files with Android operating system, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows operating system without any problem. SpiderOak is always working even when the files are not being accessed. It ensures data backup is permanent and at multiple drives. There is no fear of losing an old data which users have deleted or edited. The service provider has a systematic version control where any version can be picked up with ease. It is also easy to share or sync files. The user has the control to provide access or remove permission from a file. Only those who have ready access to the file can view it. Specific folders or files can be seamlessly dragged and dropped to the respective devices to sync files. There is also no limit to the size of the file that can be uploaded to SpiderOak account unlike many other cloud service providers.


The Cloud service provider offers 2GB space in Cloud for free. The option is for lifetime and can be started immediately. Users can also opt for a Professional or Business plan. They can either upgrade their existing Free Forever account or get a new one.

  • Professional Plan – Users get 100GB space at $10 per month or $100 per year.
  • Business Plan – Users can opt for Blue SMB - hosted, Blue Enterprise - hosted, and Blue Enterprise Private Cloud at $5 per month per user.

Usually, there is no setup fee. The SpiderOak representatives are available to assess the requirement of the corporate client and suggest them the required specification of the plan. The plans irrespective of their nature will be able to take back up of the files, sync data between devices of different or same platform, share files in password-protected areas, store unlimited file size, and access files stored in SpiderOak account at all times.

Customer Support

SpiderOak is prepared through robust backend engineering. Naturally, users may find it tough to understand is mechanism at first. Those interested to know its functionalities and other tips can view its manual at the help page. There are startup instructional booklets, video-based tutorials, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The user can also check the knowledge base to know about certain options in the system.


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