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SugarSync Review

Sugarsync ( is global leading provider of personal cloud services providing customers the ability to access their personal data from any place, at any time by using any device. Established in 2008, by a group of specialists in consumer Internet and wireless is supported by Silicon Valley firms and is has been rapidly growing ever since.


Syncing is done only after the entire system is protected from unwarranted access. The cloud service provider offers the usual data security and backup of the files with the latest encryption technologies. It operates on the highest cloud security platform where it uses SSL encryption to protect files during uploads or downloads. This is the certified standard for secure web communications in the system. When stored in Cloud, SugarSync takes frequent back up of the files and keeps them protected from viruses and malware programs through 128 Bits AES encryption utility – the encryption code for storing data.

SugarSync has also tied up with BoxCryptor – an independent security provider – that encrypts files on the user machine before uploading the same to the cloud account. File transfer occur using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

During the handshake process between cloud account and the user’s device, there is verification of the user’s credentials through a secure communication process.

Share & Access and File Control

SugarSync Review

As the name suggests, SugarSync can sync any devices with cloud computing technology. In fact, it allows the users to decide on the folders they want to sync. One has to simple follow the ‘right-click’ method to sync files from cloud to the local drive and vice versa.

Data backup is done no sooner there are changes in the devices, say addition of a file or folder. The service provider allows the users to work on any computing devices and with numerous operating systems. For instance, one can work with SugarSync through Windows operating system, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. In fact, it not only syncs two devices with Windows OS but also connects a PC with a Macintosh. In short, multiple devices are synced seamlessly.

Users will be able to open SugarSync on a smartphone with Android or iOS interface. It can also be used with tablets. One can share folders with only the team or clients. Selecting sharing is done easily in SugarSync. There are many options, such as ability to change data or just read through the file, and so on. The interface offered by this cloud service provider is quite intuitive and hassle-free.

There are also options to connect SugarSync with third-party apps. It is possible to connect with popular email service provider, Gmail and Outlook. These facilities allow the system to versatile and user-friendly.


As being one of the top online cloud storage provider, SugarSync allows users to get a free use of the cloud-computing service for 30 days. During this tenure the user will get 5GB free space to store data, sync files and take backups. They will also be able to share files with others. Paid plans offered by SugarSync are as follows:

  • Individual Plan for getting 60GB space at $7.49 per month or $74.99 per year
  • Individual Plan for getting 100GB space at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year
  • Individual Plan for getting 250GB space at $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year

There are business plans as well which are dedicated to large corporate, such as:

  • Business Plan for getting 1000GB space for 1-to-3 users at $55 per month or $550 per year.
  • Business Plan customized for more than 3 users cost that will depend on the plan.

Admin control and live customer support over phone is also provided with the business plans.

Customer Support

There is a detailed helpdesk where users can get technical support or check out various tips and tricks on the functionality of the cloud-based services. Users can either read through the articles or they can get support to use mobile apps for their communication. The prospective buyers need to sign in to get started as per their plan.


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