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Suqqu Face Protector R Spf50 Pa+++

By: Suqqu
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A good Sunscreen is must for everyone. Most women think that they need to only use sunscreen when they are at the beach. But that idea is wrong, you need to use Sunscreen every time you are going outside in day time. Even if the Sunlight is not bright you need to apply a high SPF cream before you step out of the house. UV rays not only make your skin looks dull but it is also the number one cause for skin cancer. Japanese brands are known to make the best Sunscreen lotions in the market. Suqqu Face Protector R Spf50 Pa+++ is one of the best Sun protectors that you can get in the market these days.


Unlike many other sunscreens Suqqu Face Protector Spf50 Pa+++ comes in a tube, this is why it is easier to carry everywhere. It looks slick and the color of the tube is very sophisticated white. There is a saying that one should not judge a book by its cover but this packaging of this product makes you think that you are using a good quality Sunscreen.


You must have touched many fat free creams which have the same creaminess as the full fat cream but it is not greasy like that. This Sunscreen is exactly that, it is creamy but it is not greasy and you can clean the product completely from your fingers using just plain water. It is a good sign that the product has no harmful chemicals.


Suqqu Face Protector is absolutely any kind of strong fragrance free. It has no smell so no one can literally tell that you are wearing anything on your face.


First clean your face very well, and then dry. Do not use the product on a wet face, use a tissue to make your face dry. Now take a very small amount of the product and apply it on your face. Make sure that you massage the face very well when you are applying the Sunscreen. If you need to use makeup then apply it after you use the Sunscreen, use it as the base.



Suqqu Face Protector is a life saver for women who are addicted to spending time outside under the Sun. But only couple of hours under the Sun makes their skin appear darker and dry. People with oily skins have even bigger problem, most of the time a day in the beach means picking up some face infections for them. But this Sunscreen will make a difference and none of the above problems will happen. There are some products which claim that they have SPF 50 or over but do not fall for those things; SPF 30 is what you need to protect your face. So as long as you are using a Sunscreen with SPF 30 you do not have to worry.

Sun is actually good for your skin; it supplies Vitamin D and makes your bones stronger. Many doctors suggest women over 40 to spend at least 10 minutes a day outside under the Sun. It also makes your mood much better. Do not be afraid of spending time under the Sun; just use the right Sunscreen like this one and you will be all good. You need to be careful about your Sunscreen as UV rays is the number one cause for skin cancer and it’s the Sun that makes the signs of aging appear faster. As a result you get uneven skin tone and your makeup looks unnatural. Suns ray also makes the lips much darker, most women get break outs after a beach vacation. This particular face protector keeps the skin hydrated for hours, so your face does not appear lifeless and red after your beach trip. This product is number one choice for all Japanese women as they finally saw that a Sunscreen is actually protecting their face. This product is non oily so if you want you can also apply foundation very easily over it.


Japan is a country where people believe using and eating things in their natural form, their Sunscreen is also no different. It is formulated without any harmful chemicals, so it’s a safe use even for the children.


This price a little costly, but it is better to use a product that will give you result rather than lots of cheap ineffective ones. So get one for around $89.55 and spend as long as you want on the beach.


These days skin care products made in Japan are becoming popular all over the world and the main reason is they are natural and very effective.


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SPF Spf50 Pa+++ Effect sun-protection
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