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Team Drive Review Out of the many Cloud-computing service providers, TeamDrive ( professes creating solutions for secure collaborative work over the Internet. The company intelligent software enables the simple, secure, automatic exchange and fast data between multiple PCs/ or notebooks over the Internet.


Security is the main concern for TeamDrive which offers a pair of private-public encryption keys which are created during installation. The public key is kept at central server of TeamDrive data center. This online cloud storage provider allows users to store, share, and sync data through web-based technologies. It encrypts data before it leaves the user’s computer. It creates a shell around the file which does not allow anyone except the user and to whom the file has been shared, to see the content of the file. Only the file size and name is shown. The company uses AES-256 algorithm to meet this feat. It also creates a separate symmetric AES-256 key for different folders. This key mixes with the public key to provide access to a viewer. The password is also sent in an encrypted form. The symmetric key sent to the member is decoded by the member by using the private key to access the file. As various codes are used during the transfer of data, unauthorized people or spyware cannot decipher the data in anyway. Naturally, the content cannot be accessed by an outsider. The security data encryption is an automatic process that reduces mismanagement. The user does not require managing the encryption. TeamDrive can be safely used as it is authenticated by the Independent Regional Centre for Data Protection of ULD. It has won the title, Data Protection Seal of Privacy.

Share & Access and File Control

Team Drive Review Just like the typical Cloud-based file sharing and storing services, files are synced with different computers which may have various types of operating system. In short, files of different nature are shared across various platforms – automatically and seamlessly. The users will be able to transfer documents, presentations, music and videos, as well as images from a tablet, smartphones, Macintosh, or PCs to any other gadgets without any hassle. The syncing is possible between all types of operating systems, such as Windows, Linus, iOS, Android, and Mac. It has also developed TeamDrive SecureOffice that helps to transfer Smart Office 2 documents. The Cloud services are compatible with MS Office, PDFs, JPEG, PNG, EMF, and more. It is possible for teams to collaborate between different teams where documents, presentations, and videos can be shared and viewed. TeamDrive allows integrated version management system, where changes to the files are recorded and stored chronologically. Backup copies are stored in dedicated servers. So, even if the file is corrupted in the home computer, it can be retrieved from the Cloud account. The user has the right to either use TeamDrive’s services to sync files or use the company’s servers themselves. In case they use the servers, they need to take care of the Cloud computing services all by themselves.


There are three plans offered by this Cloud service provider. Additionally, users can use TeamDrive SecureOffice for free for 30 days to sync mobile smartphone devices with the cloud technology. The prices and features of the plans are as follows:

  • TeamDrive Free – where the host can get 2GB of space with multiple server support. Client too, can share 2GB of data.
  • TeamDrive Personal at 2520 Euro per year – where the host can get 2GB of space with multiple server support. Client too, can share unlimited amount of space to store of data.
  • TeamDrive Professional at 503 Euro per year – where the host can get 2GB of space with multiple server support. Client too, can share unlimited amount of space to store of data. Here, there is certain extended range of functions.

Customer Support

TeamDrive guides its users through useful manuals, tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and more. Users need to access the support center of the company’s website to get first-hand knowledge about registration, installation, and functionalities of online cloud storage services. For issues on technical snags, the users must log in and submit a support form. Remote support meetings are often done to solve issues with regular customers.


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