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VideoPad Video Editor

By: NCH Software
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VideoPad Video Editor ReviewDespite severe critique NCH’s VideoPad  ( has had a long run with the latest version 3.81 hitting the market shelves in Jan 2015. This amateur video editing software tool is a few steps above basic editors such as WMM and does not even try to size up with the big league players in the video editing market. It is precisely where VideoPad takes the edge through its innovative features that distinguish it from all smaller players.

Interface & Editing Tools

VideoPad Video Editor ReviewVideoPad is essentially Windows based and allows users an easy to use interface to convert their home videos into professional-looking movies. There are over 50 transitions and special effects to choose from, which are enough to satisfy the curiosity of VideoPad’s target audience. The green screen and chroma-key special effects are guaranteed to dazzle you and open up the whole new world of video editing for you. The editor mode offers the ability to drag and drop video clips, insert text as captions or overlays in movies. It also provides functionality to insert static images into films, change the brightness levels and settings for video, ability to change the hue and saturation settings to get a custom look in your home movies. The sound editing features also offer a plethora of options such as ability to add and mix multiple audio tracks and insert user recorded narration on top of a video clip. There is also a dedicates sound library with a bunch of interesting sound effects available to be overlaid on top of your video clip, or you can use MixPad to create an entirely new soundtrack. The overall interface is clean and simple and uses panes to separate out different sections of the tool. There is a timeline mode as well that would help you to review the current form of your entire video clip and quickly insert images, video and audio at the desired location within the current setup. All buttons are flat and are well labelled; a reasonable amount of focus has been kept on enhancing the usability of this tool by making an adaptive interface. User can realign and resize the various sections of the video editor on will. A mid-range tool seldom offers such flexibility, and this is his marketplace niche for VideoPad.

Ease of use

VideoPad Video Editor ReviewNCH VideoPad is truly a no-frills and one of the best video editing software. Instead of focussing on advanced features where it would need to fight an uphill battle with the competition this tool focuses on getting the basics right followed by introducing a broad range of goodies that users love. All features of the tool are relatively straightforward to use, and the drag and drop functionality extends itself to all sections of the tool. There are built in wizards in multiple sections to make your life easier, and overall it would not take more than a couple of hours to create a stunning video clip.

Sharing Options

VideoPad offers samples exporting and sharing options starting with the ability to store movies in a variety of formats onto your PC hard disk. You can also burn your movies on to a DVD by using the inbuilt DVD burning software as well as export any pictures or video clips from the VieoPad library over to iPod, iPhone, PSP, 3GP mobile set, or even a pocket PC. VideoPad supports the following movie formats – MPEG, Wmv, DivX, Avi, Xvid, mepg1, mepg2, mp4, mpeg4, asf, vob, mov, H.264 among others. There is also the support of uploading videos directly to YouTube by storing your user credentials within the tool.

Price Value

VideoPad Video Editor ReviewVideoPad maintains its competitive pricing by offering the full version at $69.95 and offers reasonable value for money. There are enough features that allow you to enhance the overall quality and output scale of your videos while a few advanced features will indeed be missed.

Community & Training

VideoPad features a number of group discussion forums that offer solutions to all your trivial problems. There are multiple training and walk-through videos hosted on the YouTube platform as well as a dedicated help section featured within the tool. You would also be able to find walk-through sessions on online learning portals such as among multiple other options.

Customer Support

VideoPad Video Editor ReviewVideoPad offers a dedicated call center where there are user support personnel available to answer all your queries. There are a few online forums that are hosted within the VideoPad website and offers the ability to receive expert opinion on any issue.


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