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Top 10 Places to Find Web Hosting Reviews

There are many web hosting reviews sites, especially which web hosting getting increasingly popular.  In general, web hosting customers should use reliable web hosting review sites to help them choose good web hosting companies. Below Top10InAction introduces the top 10 Places to Find Web Hosting Reviews.

1) Hostucan.net

HostUcan.net is an independent web hosting search and review site and their mission is to help webmasters and customers find the most suitable web hosting promotions.   Being one of the top brands in web hosting reviews industry, HostUCan.net Accreditation stands for Accountability and Credibility, which is essential and will help build the trust from your potential customers.

So if you need guidance for your hosting solutions please visit www.hostucan.net.

2) Bestphphosting.net

Bestphphosting is a PHP web hosting review website and its one of the top sites that enables customers to find the best php hosting based on the companies listed. Since the site focus on PHP, Bestphphosting lists the 5 best PHP hosting for customers to view and assist them in choosing one based on their needs.

For more information please check out http://bestphphosting.net/

3) Besthosting365.com

BestHosting365.com is a web hosting review and comparison site which has over 10 years hosting industry experience.  The company’s’ mission is to use the reviews from real customers so it can help new visitors read and compare then choose which web host is more ideal to them.

For more information please check out http://www.besthosting365.com/

4) Hostingreview360

Hostingreview360.com is a user based and webmasters review site for web hosting.  The website even has Websites tutorials, coupons and promotions for customers that want to actually purchase a web hosting plan.

Visit http://hostingreview360.com/ to gain more information

5) Whoishostingthis

Whoishostingthis was launched 7 years ago and is a web hosting review and tool website that uses multiple data sources as a means to ascertain a website’s host. Whoishostingthis also publishes the latest web hosting coupons, blog and company reviews.

If you want to know more info about this company please go to http://www.whoishostingthis.com/.

6) Web HostingGeeks

Unlike, other web hosting search sites, webhostinggeeks has been delivering customer reviews (Negative and Positive) to enable users to choose the best suited web hosting plans for their needs.  Founded in 2004, webhostinggeeks has some of the highest collected reviews overall from web hosting customers.

For more info go to http://webhostinggeeks.com/

7) HostingReview

HostingReview is one of the newer webhosting reviews sites that are burst onto the scene.  The company aims to assist customers choosing a suitable web hosting company/plan based on their needs, whether their customers from US, Canada or the UK.  Furthermore, Hosting Review has a Free Hosting Tips and Update newsletter for all their customers.

Please go to http://www.hosting-review.com/ for more information

8) Reviewcentre.com

The review centre is a website platform with thousands of reviews in various different categories i.e. Electronics, Entertainment, Money, Sport and more. Basically customers just type into the search engine and you’ll find many reviews on those certain topics. i.e. Web hosting fetched back a wide range of web hosting websites, reviews site and company sites.

For more information please visit http://www.reviewcentre.com/

9) Web-Hosting-Top.com

Web-Hosting-Top is one of the reliable websites for web hosting reviews from both editors and customers.  The company also keeps up to date with the latest hosting news, articles and more.  What’s more is that Web-Hosting-Top also allows users to check Alexa ratings and Google Page rank by any country.

For more info please go to http://www.web-hosting-top.com/

10) Yelp.com

Similar to the review centre, Yelp is a search engine based review website that enables the visitors to see loads of reviews based on the topic you actually search. If I type into the search box Bluehost, Utah USA – the results fetch back customer reviews of people that have used services from Bluehost.

For more information please visit www.yelp.com.

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