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Wuala ReviewWuala (www.wuala.com) is a cloud computing data sharing and online cloud storage provider that provides Internet based service rather than using it as a product or utility. Launched in 2007, Wuala was developed in Switzerland and is well-known and easy to use and is very popular amongst professionals.


The customers for Wuala are generally those from fashion designing, media, entertainment, and manufacturing units. These companies require storing office data, appraisals of employees, customer files, etc. Taking backup is a regular problem. Virus attacks can also wipe out the years of hard work stored in online files.

Wuala has a strong security system which encrypts data that are stored in the Cloud folders. Before uploading the files, Wuala encrypts the files. When uploading the file, the file is uploaded in different sections in various locations on the Wuala server to ensure files remain stored – forever. Passwords, which are used to access the Cloud storage account, cannot be transmitted. Naturally, files remain safe and private. No software tools, such as malware or virus can get any information.

Unlike many other Cloud storing service providers, Wuala employees are not allowed to tweak or look into the files. As the client-side encryption is done, employees can only see the number of files and their file sizes that have arrived. They cannot view the content. There is encryption before sending files to the Cloud. There is also encryption during the transfer of the data, and after file transferred and stored in Cloud as well.

Share & Access and File Control

Wuala ReviewWuala allows users to store previous versions of the files. So, while working in a Wuala synced folder, if users were to accidentally delete the files, they can retrieve it safely at Cloud account. There are many providers that offer the same function. However, data stored is just few days old. But Wuala allows the users to store data for a longer time.

With just a single click, the files are synced to the Cloud folder. So, if the users are in a hurry, they can easily take the backup in Cloud and pick it up again after sometime. Data is automatically saved and synced quickly.

The easily accessible interface allows users to check out slideshows, videos, movies, presentations, and documents. It is possible to sync the Cloud storage utility with any gizmos or any operating systems.

Wuala is compatible with Windows OS, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and iPads. It is possible to simply download a mobile app to sync the Wuala folder in a computer desktop with a mobile phone or a tablet.


Although no free service is provided, the cost of the plans is quite less and user-friendly. The initial way to get started is to enroll for a 5GB cloud storage account at 0.99 Euro per month that allows users to accommodate at least 1500 photos or 500 audio files. More plans are as follows:

Extra storage for easy backup, syncing and sharing options are done at a cost of:

  • 2.99 Euro per month for 20GB
  • 5.99 Euro per month for 50GB
  • 9.99 Euro per month for 100GB

There is a dedicated plan for the business groups where users can get centralized area to keep their data. The area is secured and allows team collaboration. The cost of the plan for 5 users using 100GB space is 389 Euro per year. The business plan has a 30-day trial option where users can check out the functionality of the Cloud storage facility for free. If they are satisfied, they can buy the plan.

Customer Support

The users need to visit the support center to find out about the latest technologies and plans offered by Wuala. They can also go through a detailed knowledge base which has articles, tips, and troubleshooting articles on the functionality of the service. If required, the users can enroll to the community forum and seek better suggestions and advice.


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