Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color
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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color

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Most of the women cannot think of going out without wearing makeup on their face. It’s true for me as well. The reason is it helps us to cover any flaws on our face and also helps in highlighting the best parts. Among other fashion products such as foundation, face powder, eye liner, mascara, etc. lipstick is one of the most important accessories. When you are in hurry but need to go to a party, just a stroke of lipstick can do a lot for you. Wear a red or other lipstick as per your dress color and skin tone and you are good to go. It helps you in bringing out your beauty. Without lipstick our makeup looks incomplete, it makes our lips beautiful and attractive. So whenever you are going for your first date with your loved one, always wear the right lipstick as it makes you look more beautiful if the color chosen carefully. Besides making you look charming, there are many other advantages of good quality lipsticks such as it keeps your lips moist, protects in the dry season and also gives a natural shade. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color Review But always go for a lipstick which is of good quality otherwise the results may get reversed. There are many lipsticks from branded companies; Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color is one among them. This is one of the best lipsticks in today’s market, to know more about the lipstick, read on our below paragraphs where you will find the texture, effectiveness, price and other information about this lipstick.


When it comes about the price of this beautiful lipstick, well it may seem little high to many of you, $47.77. But we know that not a single good product is available in free or lower price. Instead of spending money on so many low quality beauty products, spending on a good quality product is always better. Once you buy one, it will be lasted for long and once the first one is finished, I can assure that you will run for the next one.


Rouge Pur Lip Color from Yves Saint Laurent comes in a golden color case. Like other products of Yves Saint Laurent, packaging of this lipstick is also very attractive. On opening the cap, the lipstick appears and the cap is tight enough to keep the lipstick dirt free from outside. At the bottom of the lipstick case, you will see the logo of the company which proves that it is from the famous brand Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color Review


This lipstick is very light weight, so you will not feel like you have applied something on your lips. It goes well with casual wear.


Those women who do not like beauty products that have smell, this one is for them. It does not have any strong smell, you may get little scent while applying but it vanishes in few seconds. But those who like scented beauty products it may not be the right choice for them. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color Review


Rouge Couture Lip Color from Yves Saint Laurent helps you to adorn your lips and makes you look attractive and charming. This new generation lipstick comes in 3 color palettes, orange, fuchsia and red. These 3 colors come in different shades so women with different complexion can easily grab one that matches their skin tone and complexions. Once you apply the true-color stays for long time because of the Coloreveal Technology used in making this product and because of the usage of natural extracts your lips stay moisture the full day long. The lipstick brings a stain finish on it’s apply. 6 new shades of this lipstick are designed by Llyod Simmonds, the international makeup artist of Yves Saint Laurens and these shades are 36 Corail Legend, 35 Rouge Vernis, 34 Brun Abstrait, 33 Rouge Narcisse, 32 Pourpre Carmin, 31 Rose Fusain. It has a SPF of 15, so with providing style it also protects your lips from the dangerous UV rays. So this multitasking lipstick is a must have in every woman’s handbag because it comes very handy when you are in hurry to go somewhere. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color Review


This Lip Color from Yves Saint Laurent is made from natural ingredients which are good for our lips. The natural extracts and hydro-spheres are some of the ingredients of this lipstick and they keep the lips hydrated and provide comfort the day long. It has the ingredient of sun guard so protects our lips from the UV rays. The chemicals that have not been used in this product are petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens etc. You can be sure that it will not make any harm to your lips, rather it will keep the lips soft and hydrated. So use this lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent brand and look attractive. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.


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Effectiveness : 5.0 Ingredient : 5.0
Packaging : 5.0 Price Value : 5.0
Smell : 5.0 Texture : 5.0
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