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Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.4) Updated On: Oct 13, 2014

Consider a situation where you have to attend five social gatherings in a row. You put on different attire each day — but, what about your hairdo? With Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler, you can deck up with different hairstyles that match your mood and dress. Amika, which means ‘a friend’, offers a friendly solution to women in distress. The New York based company provides useful hair treatment products. The Barrel Curler is noted for being a stylish gizmo that offers nice curls, spirals, ripples, and long waves. Find out if you can really use this gadget for your hair styling.

Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Review


At $190, there will perhaps not be many takers for this curler. However, it is a different type of gizmo which allows different curling styles – quickly and without much effort. In fact, some users who have used it feel that it is much safer too. The hair is not burned or pressed in-between heated plates. It has a device to ascertain the temperature. In this way, the curler is safer for new users.


The Interchangeable Barrel Curler says it all. The product is shipped with a number of barrels (4 pieces). There is a root or handle which connects any one of the barrel to it. The gizmo curls hair depending on the barrel used. There are 0.70-to-1 inch barrel, 0.75 inch barrel, 1 inch barrel, and 1.25 inch barrel. A heat resistant glove is provided to ensure that the hands don’t burn.

The curler can heat up till 430 degree Fahrenheit. The minimum temperature is 140 degree Fahrenheit. The gizmo supports dual voltage, from 110V-to-240V. Once heated the curler shuts-off on its own. There is a one-year warranty available with the curler. The product also has a 9 feet swivel cord.

Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Review


Although curling irons use clips, this is a clip-free wand. So, it is easier for users to style their hair quickly and without much hassle. The smooth barrels don’t tangle hair at all. The barrels are made from unique titanium barrels that help to emit negative ions. Based on the tourmaline technology and ceramic heating conditions, the negative ions and heat cut off the cuticle of the hair strands. The net result is that the hair does not lose its nascent moisture. It does not become dry or frizzy.

The curler from Amika does not damage to the hair. The delicate cuticle is not damaged due to the heat. Users can easily tweak the temperature and see for themselves at the screen. The far-infrared heat waves help to stylize the hair faster. The procedure is safe and long lasting.

Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Review

How to Use

Although many people may use a hair spray for managing the locks – especially, if the hair is quite thick, all stylers don’t work properly. In fact, it is difficult for many to operate some hair styling gizmo. However, Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler is easy to use and allows the user to style it the way they want. To begin, the user must have a clean and brushed hair.

  • Any one of the barrel is taken and attached to the root.
  • The gizmo is plugged in and the switch is turned on.
  • The desired temperature is indicated by the user. The temperature starts increasing. The temperature is reflected on the LCD screen.
  • Once the temperature is reached, a beep sound is heard.
  • Certain section of the hair is taken, and wound round the barrel.
  • The user must put on the heat resistant gloves to twist the hair by the left hand. The gizmo is held on the right hand.
  • After about 10 seconds or so, the hair section is released. The curls can be seen.

Depending on the type of hairdo, the user must coil the hair. Through practice the desired shape and curls can be attained.

Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Review


Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler is ready within 10 seconds. So, it is easy to style hair while traveling. As the ions close the cuticles of the hair the moisture in the hair strands is retained. So, the hair is silky and lustrous. The curls are retained without damaging the hair in anyway. The hair also becomes cooler quickly. The different sizes of the barrels ensure that one can have baby curls, ripples, or voluminous waves. The hair is smooth even when the curls are left open for a long time. So, as long as the curled up hair is not washed, the curls remain in place. The hair can be brushed even after the curling is done – however, the waves or ripples done on the hair remain intact.

Amika Interchangeable Barrel Curler Review

Review Overall

Summary: So, if you love curls and want different variety each day of the week, here is one curler to give you all that in a jiffy.
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