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Apivita 24H moisturizing cream Review

Aivita has always been my favorite natural beauty brand. I have tried their shampoos, lip balms and masks, and none of them has failed me. This Apivita 24H Moisturizing Cream has been my second jar.

Delictae Scent

Best Natural Moisturizer—Apivita 24H moisturizing cream

The 24H moisturizer comes in a sealed glass jar. And the blue paper pack reminds me of the charming Mediterranean sight.

You can smell the hint of floral scent when you open the lid. It doesn’t have the strong synthetic or the dull organic glass flavour. It’s more like delicate sweet aroma.

Amazing Texture

Best Natural Moisturizer—Apivita 24H moisturizing cream

I haven’t tried any moisturizers of this consistency that is so smooth and soft ever before. It’s like you are touching mousse, literally! I bought the cream for normal to dry skin, the product is rich but not oily, and a small amount goes a long way. You can feel the watery cream smooth into your skin, leaving it supple and soft.

Long Time Protection

I know that the cream would make a nice moisturizer since it’s called 24 hour moisturizing cream, but it still strikes me when I find it actually last for a whole day. It makes my skin dewy till the end of the day even in a very dry weather.

Goes Well with Anything

The cream not only absorbs effortlessly, but also goes well with any products afterwards. Sunscreens, foundations, concealers…rich or light, you can build them all on it. It makes all these products blend better and last long.

Bone Fide Natural Ingredients

Best Natural Moisturizer—Apivita 24H moisturizing cream

As a renowned Greek organic beauty brand, Apivita makes great natural and effective beauty products. You can tell that just from the in ingredient list. This 24H cream is made with 96% natural ingredients, containing wholesome materials such as honey, oat, chaste tree and shea butter. Most amazingly, they replace water in the aqua vita line with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action, which is a sort of bonus. I hate facial creams with silicon, no matter how smooth it makes your skin feel. Fortunately, none of these unnecessary and controversial ingredients are included in this particular product (nor in any other apivita product lines neither I gather).

Here’s the complete ingredient list:

Apivita 24H moisturizing cream Review

Review Overall

Summary: This Apivita 24H Moisturizing Cream is the best natural moisturizer I’ve ever used. Although it’s just a basic moisturizer —— it won’t brighten your skin or sooth your fine lines, it gives you the state-of-the-art hydration with the most natural ingredients. You know that your skin is in safe hand, that’s all.
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