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Apple iPad mini MD531LLA Review

Today, Apple has come up with many iPad series of tablets. The first one had been the iPad Mini which had a modest fast processor, efficient cameras, and multimedia options. So, buyers, who are keen to work on graphics, stay connected wirelessly, and enjoy movies during breaks, will find Apple iPad mini MD531LLA a handy product. But, why choose the iPad Mini when there are second generation iPad tablets in the market. Here’s your pick.

Apple iPad mini MD531LLA Review


Powered by A5 processor, the iPad Mini has 1GHz high-performing speed. This will mean that it has dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MP Core computing technology that seamlessly performs 16 operations per instruction, takes up less space, and consumes less power. With an Apple iOS 6 operating system, the entire unit is fast and reliable. No freezing or frustrating wait periods are noticed.

The storage and memory also make the tablet robust for simultaneous heavy work. For instance, the basic storage capacity is 16GB while the memory is 1GB. Equipped with 8-signal and all-digital Lightning Connector, the tablet connects efficiently – especially when compared to a 30-pin connector. All this and more computing infrastructure have made the gizmo perform well, even under pressure. The iPad Mini is compatible with e-book formats – allowing users to read e-books. Multiple apps, audio-visuals, and wireless connections can be done easily.


The compact display measuring 7.9 inch is a delight for the viewers. Made of IPS technology, the multi-point touchscreen allows users to instruct the iPad by using touch commands. It is possible to tweak text size, switch to browsers, and more using few subtle touches or pinches. The capacitive touchscreen offers an aspect ratio of 4:3. Like all Apple products, this one too, has the fingerprint- resistant oleophobic coat. This ensures that the screen is without oily smudges even when it is being used throughout the day.

Apple iPad mini MD531LLA Review

The computing technology ensures users can conveniently log in to the browser and check websites in Safari. They can simultaneously use the Maps.1 Flick to share and view images and videos. At a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the viewers can get realistic images. Especially, when they have a video chat through FaceTime, the experience is unique. Parents often use this technique to keep in touch with their teen kids when they are camping at a remote area.

Reading and viewing experience is also comfortable to the eye. The LED-backlit ensures that the iPad Mini does not take up too much power while keeping the backlight on for comfortable viewing. There are built-in speakers, microphone, headphone jack, USB ports, and Lighting port in the display unit that makes the iPad Mini user-friendly.


The iPad Mini has a front camera which is characterized by 720p high density images. The rear one is a 5-megapixel iSight camera. Just take selfies or video shots. While the front camera ensure viewers get a great view of the user, the rear one gives them the opportunity to see what the user is viewing.

Apple iPad mini MD531LLA ReviewThe cameras have autofocus capabilities. It is also possible to change settings of the camera, such as exposure or focusing options by touch commands. There are also face-detection and video stabilization options.

Battery Life

It is a delight to work with the rechargeable built-in 16W Lithium-Polymer battery. The users can work up to 10 hours even after using wireless options. One of the differences between iPad 2 and iPad Mini is that the battery for iPad 2 is 25W while it is 16W for the Mini.


The tablet is quite light at around 310 grams. It measures 13.5 x 19.8 x 0.8 cm which allows it to be carried easily. The metallic finish, sleek and beautiful tablet goes well for all occasions. Even on transit, users can use the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth utilities. They can sent emails, have a video chat session, or access online library for reading. 

Apple iPad mini MD531LLA Review


For a sturdy and beautiful tablet from well-known brand, the gizmo is modestly priced at around $275. Although, there are some tablets that offer better specifications, yet iPad Mini is quite adorable for those who love to work with images.

iPad mini MD531LLA
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Help and Customer Support

Apple has a dedicated customer care support center where users can address their concerns on the tablet. Check their official site to proceed for assistance from the Apple online helpdesk. Alternatively, users can seek telephonic assistance (1-800-275-2273).

Apple iPad mini MD531LLA is a modest tablet that performs well. Unless you are looking for a high-end sophisticated product, it is good computing tool to invest on.

Review Overall

Summary: Efficient processor, fair battery life, and ready-to-use resourceful utilities.But not efficient speakers, non-retina and low resolution display.
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