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Apple MacBook Pro ME865LLA Review

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Macintosh maker, Apple decided to bring a new vision to the computing world with the introduction of ‘Retina display’. Today, Apple MacBook Pro ME865LLA has been launched with this technology that has a superb screen resolution and all the top properties of a laptop. To get this lovely ultra slim mobile computing device, buyers may have to pay more than $1,000. Find out why some are keen to get the device even though an iPad would have done nearly the same job – at a much reduced price.

Apple MacBook Pro ME865LLA Review


The slim and beautiful looking MacBook Pro is a 13.3-inch Macintosh-based device that has perhaps been made for graphic designers who work while on the move. The body of the laptop is made of milled aluminum that has a silvery-matte finish. Naturally, the look is shiny and attractive while the grip is non-slippery. The slim gadget is just 18mm (quite accepted as per Intel) and can be conveniently put into a shoulder bag or brought out while traveling. Just one glance at the screen is sure to captivate any viewer with its realistic image quality. Although there is no touchscreen facility, there is a comfy and intuitive trackpad. Just a pinch, swipe, tap, or touch can seamlessly instruct the computer. The chiclet-style keyboard is backlit and has user-friendly keys.


As a laptop, the mobile computing device has a high-performing processor, speedy memory option, and good storage capacity. For instance, the MacBook from Apple has a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4258U processor that offers a processing speed of 2.4GHz. And, if users are not happy with it, they can introduce Turbo Boost that accelerates the speed to another 2.8GHz. The L3 4MB cache is a sheer delight, especially for those who wish to download apps from the net.  The 8GB DDR3L RAM offers memory speed of 1600MHz. There is also a 256GB flash storage option made from PCle knowhow.

This Macintosh laptop is a delight for graphics professionals who work with videos. The laptop does not offer any accelerated graphic card. Instead, there is an entirely new technology, Intel Iris 5100 graphics that offers continuous graphic interaction with faster frame times, excellent picture editing, and more – without drawing huge amount of power for this task. The connectivity option is also available in detail in this laptop. The gizmo is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity. It has two Thunderbolt 2 ports as against one HDMI port in most laptops. This MacBook model has an HDMI port as well. There are also two USB 3 ports, an SDXC card slot, and port for the headphone. The entire system works in a stable and reliable interface – Macintosh OS.

Apple MacBook Pro ME865LLA Review


All laptops must comply with Intel specifications where the performance must be higher and energy consumption must be lower than a laptop of near similar configuration. Apple MacBook Pro ME865LLA has been able to adhere to this rule immensely well. Powerful computing technologies ensure faster speed, multi-tasking facilities, and seamless working without any ‘freezes’ or slow page refresh.

The screen offers a whooping resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and 178 degree viewing. The high resolution is due to the ‘Retina display’ – a phrase that has been coined by Apple. It signifies that the number of pixels per inch is so high at around 300 that the individual pixels cannot be visible to the naked eye. So, this phenomenon makes the images crisper, realistic, natural, and without any deception. The Retina display also ensures that there is high contrast ratio, and no glare in the screen. In a nutshell, it is a pleasure for designers to conduct image editing with perfection on such a display.

It is also noteworthy that Intel Iris 5100 graphics has been able to do away with issues that crop up with an added-video card. All and all, the MacBook model has an edge over the others in the market due to its superb image quality even though there is no multi-touch facility. Remarkably, the computing items in the CPU have been taking up less power. It can be seen in the enhanced battery life of the gadget. The battery life of the lithium-polymer battery is more than 9 hours even after working with graphic utilities. It provides a 30-day standby time. Help and Customer Support Apple users can access the Apple website. The intuitive navigation will guide users to the appropriate section. The Apple Care sub-section allows the users to know more about the product, register the MacBook model, and find out the required information. However, users can also contact customer care representatives for support.


At a price of $1,489, you are bargaining for a high-end and sophisticated computing device. However, if you are a graphics expert and working on images and videos, this is one ideal gizmo you can settle for.

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Summary: In conclusion, many may say the Macbook pro is not the best featured laptops in the market, but as the users of Macbook are all feel this laptop is their best choice.
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