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Asus TF300T-B2-BL Review

LiLing KimReviewed By: Rating: ★★★½☆ (3.5) Updated On: Aug 13, 2014

How about having a gizmo with ice cream sandwich? No, we are not talking about food stuff, but the latest OS from Android that can be conveniently put into a smartphone, tablet, or a notebook. In fact, Asus TF300T-B2-BL is a trendy, attractive mobile computing device that is sandwiched with properties of a tablet and laptop. So, the 10.1-inch useful gadget is just right for those who want a fun-filled entertainment of a tablet and serious functions of a laptop.

Asus TF300T-B2-BL Review


A sleek and good-looking Asus TF300T-B2-BL is sturdy yet light. It is not even one kg – just 0.6kg. It measures (180.8 x 263 x 9.9) mm and resembles tablet with functionalities like that of a laptop. The synthetic material of the body is good enough to withstand normal travel pressures. However, it is not shock-proof gadget – so, it may not survive a drop.

One of the unique design properties that this gizmo has is a docking station – a combination of several connectors, ports, and jacks so that it can be connected to another laptop or desktop. Sold in red, white, and blue varieties, the mini laptop has full-sized keyboard and a multi-functional touchpad.

There is also a keyboard docking facility. This signifies that there are suitable hinges on the side of the keyboard which allows it to be detached or docked to the tablet cum laptop whenever required. The portability of this gizmo is quite remarkable as it designed uniquely but priced at a range that does not pinch one’s pocket.

Features of Asus TF300T-B2-BL

The Android-based system is made up of 4 processors for fast and seamlessly computing. The Tegra 3.0 processors offer a speed of 1.2HGz. The storage capacity of 32GB uses one of the latest technologies – Solid State Drives. This will ensure that the mini-computer works without any glitches even when multiple tasks are done. The refresh rate is quick and the system boots up fast. Known as a transformation pad, the Asus TF300T-B2-BL has unique OS as well as graphics utility. The mobile computing technology is also remarkably different than the other laptops of this dimension.

Asus TF300T-B2-BL

The internal memory is 1GB DDR3 SDRAM that allows quick multitasking power. The unassuming laptop is capable of showcasing high-end graphics oriented CDs, 3D video games, and movies. It has NVIDIA ULP GeForce graphics that exhibit vibrant and near-realistic images. The 10.1-inch laptop has an 8MP rear webcam to allow users to conduct face-to-face video chats. They can also click picture or videos conveniently.

There is a multi-touch display that allows users to tap, pinch, swipe, or press the screen to inform commands to the processing unit. The WXGA display is made up of the IPS technology. This will ensure that the users get at least 178 degree wide viewing angle. The WXGA technology ensures that the images or videos are seen at a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

The laptop allows intuitive navigation and even a first-time user will find the usability features convenient. There is also a microphone and built-in speakers. There is HDMI connectivity, a USB port, a SD card slot, Gyro Sensors, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, and an audio port.


The TF300T model works superbly as it has Tegra processors. In other words, the NVIDIA Tegra processors are better known as mobile processors as they gel with the mechanism of mobile devices. The Tegra-based laptop helps in numerous multitasking chores. Web-browsing is at least two times as fast as normal processors. Ideally used for console-based games, the mobile computer ensures brilliant graphics but takes up less power to perform.

The NVIDIA-Tegra technology allows PRISM display where less power is taken by the processor for backlight facilities. The images are more visible and bright – without drawing more power. It supports 3D-stereo gaming capabilities that help to operate OpenGL-based games. The processor also supports DirectTouch technology that promotes touch facilities. The quad-core utility has battery-saving but fast computing feature for churning out useful tasks seamlessly.

There must be a special mention for Ice Cream Sandwich operating system – an interface from Android makers but with unique properties than Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It allows users to work without buttons, check the web quickly, interact with cloud without glitches, and tweak properties of the OS.

Help and Customer Support

Users can drop in to the support center at Asus website to find out more about the product. They can contact support team for more detailed explanation about the usability of this gizmo.


Getting an efficient less-power consuming computing gizmo with the latest unique technologies at a competitive price of $450 is a good bargain indeed.

Asus TF300T-B2-BL $309.99
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Review Overall

Summary: So, if you love using tablet but can’t live without a laptop, get Asus TF300T-B2-BL.
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