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Asus X102BA Touchscreen 10.1 Inch Review

There are very few laptops which are made just for students. A student-friendly laptop must work efficiently, provide fast output and have an adequate storage option. It must also seamlessly connect to the web – either by LAN or wirelessly. And lastly, it must be economical, durable, and portable. Asus X102BA touchscreen 10.1-inch is a useful laptop with features that especially attract students. Find out if you are ready to include it as an edutainment gizmo for your child.

Asus X102BA Touchscreen 10.1 Inch  Review


The Asus laptop has an attractive hue. The slim-n-trim trendy piece is sold in four varieties depending on the color of the gizmo. These are Elegant White, Gentle Black, Hot Pink, and Ocean Blue. Just 1.1kg and 29mm thick, the colorful laptop is handy enough to be kept neatly in handbags. It is strong enough to withstand travel pressures. Solidly built with powerful hinges wherever necessary, the laptop cover can be conveniently opened to work on the 10.1-inch touchscreen.

Asus X102BA Touchscreen 10.1 Inch  review

There is a single-piece multi-functional keyboard that is just right for playing video games. The touchpad is little wider (about 42 percent) than the ones available in other laptops in the market. The multi-touch touchpad allows web page scrolling, zooming, switching programs, and more with its various touch movements. Along with the silent keystrokes, the user can seamlessly work on the mobile PC without anyone realizing it.


The X102BA model is propelled for fast output through its AMD A4-1200 dual core processor. The mobile processor is capable of producing a performance speed of 1GHz and can work with DDR3L RAM and Radeon HD graphics card. Along with the processor, the compatible 2GB DDR3L internal memory offers an internal speed of 1066MHz. Although there is no Solid State Drives (SSD) in this gizmo, yet it has a modest storage capacity of 320GB. The hard disk can effortlessly produce a spin speed of 5400 rpm.

The laptop has an integrated AMD HD 8180 graphics card which shares memory with the RAM. The graphics utility is quite good to play mid-range games easily. The 10.1-inch touchscreen offers a fair resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The LED-backlit display can be easily seen even in the dark.

Asus X102BA Touchscreen 10.1 Inch  review

The gizmo is equipped with the 2013 Office Home & Student utility to allow students to comfortably work with spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and databases. They can even log in to the virtual classrooms quickly and conduct chat sessions without glitches. When not studying, the users can enjoy a hilarious 3D game or watch movies. A VGA port allows them to attach the laptop with an external monitor.

There is also a combo audio jack, two USB 2.0 ports, a RJ45 jack for LAN connectivity, options for wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI connectivity, and a port to insert an SD card reader.


The processing power efficiently works with the graphics card and internal memory to produce fast and resourceful results. It takes sufficiently low power for the tasks. Even though there is no SSD option that does not mean that the laptop does boot up fast or quickly refresh. The gizmo has the Asus patented technology, Super Hybrid Engine II that allows performance just like the Smartphones. So, it is possible to get an ‘Instant On’ facility within seconds. The computer also saves all data automatically if the battery power is lower than 5 percent.

The touchscreen is an efficient 10-point screen which is sensitive than other touchscreen sold in the market. For instance, the usual touchscreen with Windows 8 option has 9mm sensitivity. However, the touchscreen for this model is only 5mm.

The USB3.0 port has been integrated in the system for fast data transfer as compared to an USB2.0 port. The multimedia-savvy laptop has remarkably useful audio tuning utility – compared to the price of the product. The AudioWizard allows 6-preset audio modes. Enhanced audio quality is managed through Asus SonicMaster technology.

Those who own the Asus laptop will be automatically entitled for 3GB WebStorage space as the laptop is compatible with Cloud technology. The 3-cell rechargeable battery has a battery life of about 4 hours when used in power-saving mode.

Help and Customer Support

The support center at Asus website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even newbie laptop owners can check out the site and get useful information about the product. For warranty details or technical issues, there are dedicated helpdesk officials.


This Asus model is economical and a best-buy product for young learners. You can own the laptop by spending only $300 and a little more.

Asus X102BA $269
18% OFF

Review Overall

Summary: Consider the specifications when buying this product. The robust technology and beautiful looking gizmo is a worthwhile choice for those who want an economical yet attractive and handy laptop.
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