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ASUS X552EA-DH42 Review

Sally XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¼ (4.25) Updated On: Aug 4, 2014

It is incredible to find that there is a modestly powerful and efficient laptop at $450 in town. Some online shops may offer the gizmo at an even lower rate if users buy them at a promotional event. If you think you will be given outdated technology, think twice. The ASUS X552EA-DH42 takes up less power but does more work compared to similar laptops in the market. Aided with Google Chrome, the trendy device can raise eye-brows with its unique specifications. Check out these unbelievable utilities that have been packed into the 15.6-inch laptop.

ASUS X552EA-DH42 Review


Just like a typical ultrabook, the ASUS X552EA model is only 5.1 pounds with a thickness of 1.07 inch. The slim-n-trim notebook feels comfortable to carry as it is only 15 inch long and 10 inch wide. The angular and polished surface gives it a look of elegance. While many low-range products have a plastic finish, this one has a mix of magnesium alloy and white plastic.

ASUS X552EA-DH42 Review

The trendy piece has equally chic chiclet-style keyword that offers convenient tactile feedback while keying text. A multi-touch and intuitive touchpad allows the user to instruct the computer through various gestures, such pinch, press, swipe, or tap. There are various ports and jacks on the sides of the display unit.


The design of ASUS X552EA-DH42 is good enough to suit an ultrabook no doubt. However, let’s see if the specifications too, meet the match. The processing power of the laptop is made up of 1.5 GHz AMD A Series. The remarkable part is that the processor does more jobs but consumes less power. It also allows multi-tasking and able to withstand load of heavy video games or movies without showing any ‘freezes’.

The internal memory is 8GB DDR3L SDRAM while the hard disk is 500 GB Solid-State Drive (SSD).


The 15.6-inch laptop comes with windows 8 operating system and is built with many useful features such as in-plane viewing. This means that many viewers will be able to check out the screen without getting any distorted image or color. The wide viewing angles, deeper colors, wide color combination, and moderately high quality resolution make the gizmo a popular piece for those who love to play games, watch movies, or work with graphics tools.

The users will be able to connect wirelessly using wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. The 15.6-inch offers an optional WWAN facility.


The latest processing unit from powerful AMD processor is capable of supporting WQXGA resolution from a 3D graphical processor and hosting graphic-centric operations at 12.5GB per second. It also supports many utilities by taking up less power (at least 30 percent less than its predecessors). In short, the system is far more resilient to work loads and allow seamless processing chores.

ASUS X552EA-DH42 Review

Added to it, the internal memory is also quite impressive. It can be increased to 32GB through flash storage system. The SSD hard disk allows the system to energetically boot up, refresh, or start programs. The lag time is low.

The screen resolution is 1366×768 pixels. The HD videos can be also watched in this laptop. There is Front-facing VGA Webcam that allows the user to chat online. An integrated digital microphone is available to make this effort successful. There are two USB 2 ports and a headphone cum microphone combo jack. The battery has a modest battery life of up to 4 hours (as expected from an economical laptop).

Help and Customer Support

Just like any ASUS products, this one too is supported by a friendly and efficient support center. Users can visit the site, download drivers, check information and workability of this product, and more. There are options to view videos or talk to customer care executives in case you are facing issues with the handy computing device.


At a price that is less than $500, you are getting a laptop that is not only chic looking but also packed with useful and power-efficient capabilities.

Review Overall

Summary: Unless you are too picky about the premium specifications, you can easily go for this gizmo as a budget buy product.
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