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Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★¾☆ (3.75) Updated On: Jul 28, 2014

For such sensitive and dehydrating skin, it is essential to put on a balm that soothes the skin and hydrates it from within. The Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask is one of the serum-type creams that nourish the skin from within. Redness or a tired look can be attended by putting on this face mask. The cream does come with a cost. But, many buyers who are looking for a solution to their reactive skin may select this mask. Find out why.


The Avene moisture mask is stored in a small 50ml or 1.6 oz plastic and white colored opaque tube. It is simple to use: just squeeze and allow the creamy lather to pour out. It’s light weighted and easy to be carried away. The product must be protected from air contamination and direct sunlight. Naturally, the container is opaque.

Although buyers can get a single piece from online kiosks, many web stores offer hampers which have a collection on Avene products. Users using this mask may also get an Avene Thermal Spring Water spray to sprinkle the solution after putting the mask. So, there are some shops which sell a combo pack as well.

Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask Review


The white creamy texture has hydrating and cooling properties that at once calm the troubled skin. Skin problems, such as itching, sunburns, and acne pains are reduced once the cream is put on gently on the skin and slowly massaged for some time. The cream blends with the flesh color – although some amount may remain. The texture of Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask is very light and not oily at all. Even sensitive skin can use it. The mineral-based cream has skin hydrating and softening elements. It also has the power to make the skin become supple and non-reactive.

Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask Review


There is practically no smell from this mask. However, some sensitive users may get a typical smell that is emitted from Avene products. Basically, there is a subtle, sweet smelling floral scent that gives an instant freshness in the air. As there are mineral oils, one can get a slight herbal scent when it is slowly massaged on the face.


In order to reach the maxim effect of this mask, you’d better deep clean your face first. The cream is then applied on a dry and clean face. The mask must be kept for at least 15 minutes or so for the skin cells to absorb the elements. Once done, the extra bit can be removed or washed.

After using this mask, skin becomes supple and soft to touch. There are no chemicals or parabens that are typically found in a normal mask. However, it has minerals from the thermal spring water that originates from the Cevennes Mountains in Southern France.

The thermal spring water has neutral pH value and silica in it. Along with other minerals, the water has a soothing effect on the skin that rehydrates it quickly. The mask is also hypoallergenic and does not have properties that close skin pores. In fact, dead cells are cleaned out and pores open after applying the cream.

Only once or twice a week, the mask can be applied to make it effective even for a highly sensitive and eruption-prone skin. The Instant Soothing Moisture mask immediately brings a relief to the skin.

Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask Review


There are no preservatives in the mask. Moreover, the fragrance used in the mask is quite mild and does not react with the skin cells. The Avene mask has 72 percent Avène Thermal Spring Water, good amount of safflower oil, and glycols. While the glycols help to hydrate the skin, the safflower oil nourishes it from within. The tightness and redness disappear due to the thermal spring water. There are also suitable quantities of mineral oil, steric acid, PEG 6 esters, Disodium EDTA, microcrystalline wax, carbomer, parfum, and some hydrocarbons.


The mask is little costly – a 50ml tube is priced at $35. But, it helps to remove rashes, dryness, and itches. It is an antidote for a sun burnt skin as well. So, all in all, it is an effective skincare product.

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Summary: Avene Instant Soothing Moisture Mask is a mild hydrating mask, which is able to make skin supple and soft. It works for all skin types, even you have the most sensitive skin.
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