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Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay Review

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For those who are on a budget, costly creams can be unreachable. However, Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay can be a handy skin-toning mask that can be picked at an affordable price. In fact, as the name suggests, the product is nothing but clay. It is harmless and without any chemical substances. Read on to know the how it works on your skin and what made it so special.


A product is sold in an opaque, white container of (3.6 x 6.7 x 3.6) inches with a broad lid. It weighs 2 pounds. Once the lid is open, the whitish clay is visible. To use this mask, you need to prepare it with proper ingredients. For instance, a ceramic bowl (or a non-metallic or plastic bowl) must be taken with a suitable spoon. Two-or-three spoons of the clay is taken in the bowl and mixed with an equal amount of vinegar or raw apple cider. Many use a suitable mineral oil as well. Some use water. So, when planning to get the mask, these accessories must be purchased as well – without which the mask operation will not work.

Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay Review

Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay Review on Texture

The Bentonite clay ideally originates from Death Valley in California. It is treated at 134 degree Celsius for about six months. About 50 mineral compounds – all selected naturally – are combined to create the natural facial: Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay. The powdery substance is kept away from water, air contamination, or sunlight.
When it is required to be put on the face, it is mixed with vinegar or cider and slowly applied on the affected area (face or neck region). A facial brush can be used to make the process convenient. Hair locks should be kept away from the paste. The paste should be at least 1/4th inch thick and evenly smeared on the face. The area below the eyes and the lips must not be touched with this facial. The vinegar or cider can make the tender skin beneath the eyes become course if the paste is used in that region.

The paste is kept for 20 minutes – for normal skin that is oily and filled with pimples and black heads. The face begins to dry up. Once the allotted time is over, a wet towel is taken to take off the mask. The entire process is very messy but time-consuming. As the mask is basically clay, it gives a dry feeling once it is washed off.

Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay Review


The clay has a subtle smell no doubt. However, it is not unpleasant. It seems to have a scent of mint or methanol. But the whiff is not long lasting. Users, who use vinegar, can get a citric type of smell. If you don’t like the smell, it will be tough to use the clay with that dissolving agent. Cider too, will have its typical scent.


Our face slowly loses its natural tender and smooth texture with age. However, over-exposure to heat and dust can make the skin lose its shine. Skin will look uneven as the skin pores are clogged and filled with black heads . The Aztec’s Bentonite Clay is a simple skincare solution for all types of skin. It ideally cleans the skin and pulls off the rashes and eruptions. Slowly, the skin glows and becomes even and supple and tighter.

The clay mask removes toxins – naturally. The clay can be used in facials, foot soaks, body wraps, and clay baths. Often, the clay can be brewed with natural herbs to provide anti-oxidant mask to the skin.

Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay Review


Everything used in this clay is from natural products. It mainly has calcium and bentonite. These are processed with other minerals. There are no additives, fragrances, animal products, or chemical substances. Unlike many other cleansing masks, this product does not have any emulsifying agent. As a result, the mask becomes dry when used and becomes more effective in cleaning.


This natural and handy facial comes at a price only $10. Many users use it for massaging the entire body. It can be put on the neck, shoulders, back, or legs. The low-priced facial is also effective. Only a small amount can be used to mask the entire face area.

So, why put your hard earned money on costly items? If you can withstand the smell of vinegar and trouble of putting on the mask, you can pick this safe skincare product for cleansing and toning treatment of your skin.

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Summary: Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay is an affordable and highly effective clay mask. It can be used on both face and body.
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