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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Review

Experienced users of e-readers will know how annoying it is to get ads while reading an e-book. Most e-book readers cannot do away with such ads even though they interrupt an engrossed reader. However, Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch has been able to quell these ads. The gizmo is classy and packed with a robust technology. Take a quick look if it has made a dent in the e-reading market.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Review


Nook Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble offers comfortable reading for booklovers who are on the move. The easy-to-handle e-book reader has crisp and sharp text with no-glare option that allows readers to read even under direct sunlight. Thanks to the E-Ink Pearl technology, the readers get a unique paper-like feel when they read content from the 6 inch display. There is less flashing as compared to other e-readers. Though it has a touchscreen that allows flipping of pages with just a touch of a finger, there are ‘hard buttons’ on the sides which allow users to tweak the pages – such as rewind or go forward.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Review

There are options for bookmarking, highlighting text, accessing dictionaries, and translators. There are options to adjust the font size, style, margins, contrast, and sharpness of the text. The 16-level grayscale option gives crisper and sharper fonts. The e-reader can hold 1,000 e-books in its 2GB storage space. It can store 32GB more if a MicroSD is attached to it.


The ultra-thin (212 gm) Nook Simple Touch is just right for commuters who love to read while traveling. The gizmo with 6.5 x 5 x 0.47 inches in dimension can easily fit into a handbag. As the touchscreen works on ‘Neonode’ infrared technology, it remains steady most often. It is responsive and reliable. However, the rubber-like feel results in smudges if users hold for too long or use it in a sultry day.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Review

Owners of the e-readers can automatically access Nook Reading apps. These apps can be downloaded without a cost. The e-books can be synched through these apps with PCs or smartphones seamlessly. Nook store has 40,000 booksellers which users can access wirelessly as well. In short, one carries a portable library and entertainment kit with Nook Simple Touch e-reader.


Barnes & Noble had unveiled Nook Touch earlier. Now, it has come up with a new one – Nook Simple Touch. Those who have an older version can easily upgrade it to get the new one. The interface is Android 2.1 and the CPU is 800 MHz TI OMAP 3621. However, sadly one cannot use it for surfing the net or playing games. The handy tool does not support 3G technology or audio. Nevertheless, users who love to read only will be able to get hold of 2 million books, magazines, and journals. The on-screen keyword works seamlessly – which users can use to search or catalog their e-books.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Review

The battery can run for 2 months – the longest among the contemporary e-readers. It can be recharged by attaching the USB of the e-reader to a computer. It is also possible to use the power adapter (one has to buy it though) to charge the battery. It takes roughly 3.5 hours to get the battery fully charge when done through the computer.

The touchscreen can be used wirelessly as the gizmo has Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) connectivity.  There is a microUSB port to ensure faster and smoother data transfer. Users can access public libraries as well. It is possible to share views and books at the social media networks too.

Along with the e-reader, buyers will get a quick start user guide, microUSB cable, installed rechargeable battery, and built-in Merriam Webster dictionary.


The Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch is one of the fastest downloading e-readers (roughly, it takes 10 seconds to download an e-book). The paper-like reading gives a unique experience to the readers. At a resolution of 800*600, the text is distinctly legible. The refresh rate is also not long. The text can be tweaked easily for a hassle-free reading experience. The stylish Nook Simple Touch is available with totes and designer cases – giving an elegant appeal.

Customer Support

Just walk in to a Barnes & Noble showroom to check out various products and utilities. There is 1-year international warranty.


At a price of around $ 60, Nook Simple Touch is a profitable purchase. It allows many features which buyers should feel lucky that they have got at such a nominal price.

Review Overall

Summary: Buyers looking for a trendy, durable yet modestly priced e-reader that offers a decent viewing on a 6-inch display, can pick up Nook Simple Touch from Barnes & Nobel.
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